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Hip Replacements And Hip Surgery

Thermomedic Therapy Garments- Thermal Hip Support Underpants Girdle for Men and WomanHip Replacements and Support Garments

Hip fractures are a serious health problem leading to disability,
reduced quality of life or loss of independence.

Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and hip problems can be prevented through
lifestyle changes to help reduce your risk of falls or injury. While there is no
cure for osteoporosis there are some easy, effective ways to help manage
your hip pain as well as improve your general health and overall quality of

A recent clinical report found that complimentary medicines can help slow
the progression of weak bone conditions when combined with
weight-bearing exercise and good diet.

Clinical studies also found patients with broken hips faced increased health
risks when complicated by existing health problems, such as arthritis or
diabetes. Research findings based on a 20 year study suggest that it is the
hip fracture and not poor health that puts hip injury patients at increased
risk of medical complications. Further, hip fractures in the elderly often
occur after a fall or following slipping, tripping or stumbling which can cause
leg and hip pain and may require hip surgery.

How Can Far Infrared Therapy Help Hip Thigh Pain?
Far infrared compressive hip support garments assist to retain the position
of dressings following hip surgery. Thermal support girdles assist to
improve circulation for faster healing and better pain reduction.

Thermomedic thermal hip supports are the ideal choice to wear during
physiotherapy and exercise to maintain joint mobility, increase muscle
strength and to prevent blood clots. Far infrared treatment is
non-pharmaceutical so is most suitable for long term therapy and as an
adjunct to prescribed pain medications.

What Are The Complications Of Hip Surgery?
We know hip fracture can be a serious injury. While the fracture itself is
treatable, sometimes the complications can be more difficult to treat.
Recuperation following hip joint replacement requires rest and immobility
which may lead to muscle deterioration and weakness, increasing the
likelihood of decreased hip joint mobility. There is also a risk of developing
blood clots in your legs which can cause deep vein thrombosis following hip
surgery if you are unable to move around or exercise.

The risks of hip surgery can include:

~ Blood clots
~ Bedsores
~ Urinary tract infection
~ Pneumonia
~ Muscle wasting

Further, people who've suffered a hip fracture have a higher risk of having
another fracture. Compressive girdles and hip supports can help ease
pain, improve circulation and provide gentle joint support making exercise
easier and more comfortable for better health outcomes and improved
lifestyle. Lifestyle improvements can reduce the risk of another fall, hip
injury and medical complications.

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