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How To Manage Osteoarthritis Knee Pain?

How To Manage Osteoarthritis Knee Pain?How To Manage Your Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Is Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Affecting Your Life-Style? If You
Answered Yes, Then Read On!

While we know that any of our joints can be troubled by osteoarthritis
pain, the knee is one of the most common joints to be affected. Since
knee pain can impact upon many of our daily activities, such as walking,
playing sport or climbing stairs, it’s important for us to find ways to control
its impact. Medical professionals recommend that the best and most
affordable ways to manage your osteoarthritis pain is with a combination
of natural, self-help measures.

A New Study Finds Exercise Provides Effective Pain Relief For Knee


Gentle, Regular Exercise for Knee Osteoarthritis Pain Relief
If your knees ache, exercise can be hard. However, physiotherapists
recommend gentle, regular exercise as the best treatment to help
manage your osteoarthritis knee pain. There are some simple ways to
help improve your knee pain.

Firstly, strengthening exercises help to keep the muscles surrounding
your knee joints strong. Flexibility exercises can help improve joint
mobility and reduce stiffness. Aerobic exercises can help to improve your
overall fitness for a better sense of well-being. Avoid exercise that can
cause further damage to your sore knee joints. These include jogging or
contact sports, such as rugby.

Can Knee Braces Help My Osteoarthritis Pain?
Yes. Physiotherapists recommend knee braces to help alleviate the
symptoms of osteoarthritis pain. In fact, the best braces for you to wear
are compressive, thermal knee supports to improve localised circulation,
ease osteoarthritis pain and provide correct joint alignment to prevent re-
injury. It is also recommended you consult your own doctor for
personalized advice that’s right for you.

Keep Your Exercise Gentle
Medical experts say it's important for you to pace yourself carefully when
doing your daily activities to prevent the risk of more damage to your
knee. Keep your exercise routine gentle and ensure you take regular
rests for your knees to prevent further joint damage.

Maintain Your Correct Weight
Carrying extra weight can increase the stress and strain on your knee
joints. Research shows if you’re overweight you’re more likely to develop
osteoarthritis of the knee. In fact, medical guidelines recommend losing
weight to help ease your knee pain.

Managing Your Pain Relief
While exercise and losing weight can help, you may still suffer with joint
stiffness, pain and muscle soreness so compressive knee supports are
the ideal choice to relieve. Orthopedic specialists recommend
compressive joint supports as a suitable non-pharmaceutical treatment
option for relieving osteoarthritis knee pain. You can safely wear
Thermomedic Therapy Garments to help keep your osteoarthritis knee
pain under control, making them suitable, even for long-term therapy.
You can safely wear your Thermomedics knee brace day and night for
extra pain relief without the risk of the unpleasant side-effects often
caused by analgesics and other pain medications.

Choose Therapy Socks To Help Sore Hips...What?
Yes. Did you know that what you wear on your feet can also make a
difference to how your knees feel? Orthopedic doctors recommend you
consider how you protect your feet? Thermomedic therapy socks have
been designed to help provide comforting support and soothing warmth
for your feet, toes and ankles.

The Benefits Of Thermal Therapy For Sore Knees
Wearing thermal knee supports with mild to medium level compression
are an effective aid to improve localized circulation, enhance mobility and
ease joint pain. Thermomedic Therapy Garments are a natural,
affordable and beneficial treatment option for osteoarthritis knee pain.

Choose The Best Knee Brace For Osteoarthritis Pain
Knee braces are recommended by physiotherapist as the most effective
way of supporting the joint. Joint supports can help reduce knee pain,
provide your knee with better stability and also reduce the risk of falls
and re-injury.

All of these safe, natural and non-invasive therapeutic approaches can
assist make your life with osteoarthritis knee pain more bearable and let
you get on with enjoying those activities you love to do!

Non-Animal Testing For Your Peace Of Mind
Thermomedic Therapy Garments always chooses natural, non-animal
ingredients for our products. We do not endorse animal testing and do
not conduct or commission animal tests on any product or ingredient for
humans. There are sufficient, alternative safety testing methods
available to ensure your well-being which makes it unnecessary to
perform animal tests for therapeutic and medical products.





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