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Inflammation and Swelling

Are There Any Cures For Inflammation and Swelling?Suffering With Joint Inflammation, Swelling or Puffiness?
Are Your Ankles and Feet Swollen or Feeling Tired?

If so, then you may be suffering with systemic or chronic inflammation which can
undermine your good health and sense of well-being. So how does chronic
inflammation occur?

With the pressure of our busy life styles we can be more vulnerable to stress, poor
diet and reduced physical activity which may lead to fatigue, chronic inflammation
and life style diseases. This means we may be setting ourselves up for problems as
we age.

The good news is that with improved diet and just a little exercise, we can feel
better, reduce our reliance on prescription medication and enjoy life, pain-free! But,
we know it's so hard to get active when you're suffering with inflammation and joint
pain. This is why wearing far infrared compression therapy joint supports and
functional garments can naturally and safely ease joint pain, improve circulation for
reduced swelling to enhance your body's own healing power.

Why Is Far Infrared So Effective For Inflammation?
The soothing healing warmth created by the natural bio-active minerals embedded
into the fibres of Thermomedic's compressive joint braces, therapy gloves, far
infrared socks and functional garments assist to decrease stress on your joints,
improve circulation and protect swollen, inflamed areas during rest, physical
therapy and exercise without the risk of unpleasant side-effects often caused by
medication. So safe, far infrared therapy garments are suitable for long-term
treatment and as an adjunct to other prescribed treatments.

So What Diseases Are Associated With Inflammation?
Some types of arthritis, a general term that describes inflammation in joints, may be
associated with inflammation. The forms of arthritis include:

~ Rheumatoid arthritis
~ Psoriatic arthritis
~ Gouty arthritis
~ Lupus

Generally, when we think of arthritis, we think of inflammation which is a process
where our body's white blood cells and chemicals protect us from infection, such as
bacteria and viruses.

Sometimes our body's immune system can trigger an inflammatory response when
there are no foreign substances to fight off. These diseases, called autoimmune
diseases, cause our body's normally protective immune system to damage its own

There are some painful conditions affecting the joints and musculoskeletal system
that are not linked with inflammation, which include fibromyalgia, muscular low back
pain and muscular neck pain. Doctors say that inflammation does not play a major
role in osteoarthritis. Far infrared therapy is also an effective non-pharmaceutical
treatment option for muscular pain, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.

What Are the Symptoms of Inflammation?
The symptoms of inflammation may include:

~ Redness
~ Swollen joints tender and hot to the touch
~ Joint pain
~ Joint stiffness
~ Impaired joint function

What Causes the Symptoms of Inflammation?
When inflammation occurs, our body releases chemicals into the blood or affected
tissues which increases the blood flow to the area of injury or infection often
resulting in feelings of pain, redness and warmth. These chemicals can cause a
leak of fluid into the surrounding tissues, causing edema, tenderness and may
stimulate nerves and cause pain.

What Are the Results of Joint Inflammation?
The increased blood flow caused by the body's release of these chemicals attracts
white blood cells to the sites of inflammation. The inflammatory substances within
the joint may cause irritation, wearing down of cartilage and swelling of the joint

What Is The Best Treatment For Inflammatory Joint Diseases?
Far infrared therapy is a safe, non-pharmaceutical treatment option for
inflammatory joint diseases. Non-invasive and very affordable, far infrared therapy
clothes, joint supports and compression garments assist to relieve symptoms of
inflammation, degenerative joint pain and poor circulation by decreasing stress on
your sore, swollen joints, easing edema and soothing redness.

It is also vital that you ensure you get adequate rest, avoid activities that aggravate
your symptoms and enjoy regular gentle exercise most days to assist to avoid
permanent joint damage, relieve pain, reduce reliance on medications, maintain
joint movement and muscle strength to ensure you live an active, healthy life-style.




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