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Injury Centre With Far Infrared Thermotherapy Clothes from Thermomedic

Injury Centre: Safe, Effective Pain Management Treatment Options From Thermomedic

Thermal Therapy Clothes, Joint Supports and Compression Wear

Find out more about different health care issues here in our Injury Centre, including joint pain, hand and foot problems, causes of pain, common symptoms, non-medicated treatments and suitable Thermomedic Therapy Garments to aid in the management and care of pain, injury and disease.

Designed to assist in the treatment of joint pain, muscle ache, post-surgical rehabilitation or recovery and prevention of sporting injury far infrared therapy clothes provides warmth and soft, superior support for soothing comfort to help improve joint mobility, speed healing and ease pain.

Working to assist restore range of motion and flexibility for increased muscular strength and better endurance, Thermomedic's thermal joint supports offer gentle, soothing warmth for natural pain relief, improved circulation to assist the healing process and enhance the elasticity of strained muscles.

For your peace of mind, Thermomedic Therapy Garments, gloves, socks and joint supports do not contain latex which may cause allergic reaction and skin sensitivity.


Far Infrared Knee Supports and Knee Braces from Thermomedic


Thermomedic Therapy Garments compression joint supports are designed to aid in the reduction of edema, naturally warm and support weakened or injured muscles, ligaments and joints


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