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Knee Braces and Compression Knee Supports With Far Infrared Therapy

Far Infrared Compression Knee Brace for Chronic Knee Pain from Thermomedic

Far Infrared Therapy Knee Supports Aid in The Treatment, Support & Relief Of Knee Joint Pain, Sore Muscles, Stiffness, Joint Pain & the Discomfort of Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Disease or Sports Injuries.

Far infrared Therapy Knee Band, made from permanent far infrared fibre, provides effective pain relief for knee osteoarthritis, sports injuries and sore, injured knees. The antibacterial qualities of Thermomedic's patented FIR fibre assists to prevent odour and enhance comfort for prolonged therapeutic benefit.

These supportive, compressive knee supports relieve swelling, assist correct joint alignment and are an excellent choice to ease arthritic knee pain to improve circulation for better healing.

Thermomedic contoured, dual-tension elastic supports are great for sports people to assist warm-up and prevent sports injury by providing protection during training and competition. Orthopedic knee supports are suitable to wear following total knee
surgery to ease knee pain and improve joint mobility.

How Do Far Infrared Therapy Knee Supports Work?
Manufactured from premium-quality FIR bio-ceramic fibre blend, the 4-way stretch, elasticised Thermomedic Therapy Knee Band eases pain associated with injury, knee surgery, knee joint pain, knee replacement or general wear and tear. The safe, non-invasive Thermomedic orthopedic Therapy Knee Support offers medium compression qualities for extra support and improved therapeutic value. The bio-ceramic fibre helps to avoid skin irritation from over-heating.

Suitable for long-term therapy, these thermal-emitting therapy knee supports are sold in pairs. They are available in small, medium or large sizes to ensure maximum comfort and fit.


Far Infrared Therapy Knee Brace for sore knee pain relief and chronic rheumatoid arthritis symptoms


How Can I Use Far Infrared Therapy Knee Supports?
Designed to support the joint for fast, targeted pain relief, these orthopaedic knee braces are an ideal choice as an added therapy for people with moderate to severe knee pain and inflammation who do not get sufficient pain relief from medication.

Thermomedic joint supports and knee braces are known for their quality and effectiveness in the care and prevention of joint pain and soft tissue injuries. All joint supports provide soothing warmth for natural pain relief and ventilation to minimise the risk of perspiration or skin irritation, making them suitable for long term comfort.





Knee Braces For Osteoarthritis of The Knee"I developed pain in both my knees after years of rugby and training. I had a total knee replacement done on my right knee, which wasn't really successful as it hurt just the same as it did before. After the surgery I pretty much tried everything but nothing worked. My neighbor turned me onto Thermomedic's knee braces and I noticed immediate relief from the constant pain I was in before. That was a about year ago and I no longer struggle with basic movements... I can walk every day now... even up and down stairs... I'd absolutely recommend Thermomedic to anyone with knee problems."

- Andy Whittaker, Santa Ana, US.






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