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Lupus Treatment

Lupus Treatment With Far Infrared Therapy Clothes From ThermomedicWhat Is The Best Lupus Treatment?
Do You Know Recent Statistics Show Lupus Now Affects
About one in 700 Australians?  And Women Are More Likely
To Suffer With Lupus Pain Than Men

Lupus symptoms can vary greatly, from mild to life-threatening. Generally,
most people with lupus have mild symptoms which may be controlled with
medical support and safe, effective natural lupus treatments.

So, What Is Lupus?
Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect almost any part of your
body, including your joints, skin, kidneys, heart, lungs, or blood.

Lupus can be serious and may lead to kidney failure and other health
care complications. Doctors tell us lupus occurs when your immune
system attacks tissues and joints and can affect almost any part of your

Who Is Most Affected By Lupus Symptoms?
Lupus affects about 1.4 million people in the US. Women aged between
20 to 40 years of age can be most affected.

Further, lupus is more commonly diagnosed in women, African-Americans,
Hispanics, Asians and people 15 to 40. Doctors do not really know what
causes lupus, however, it may be that people who are genetically
predisposed to lupus may develop it when something in their environment
triggers it, such as an infection, some types of drugs or maybe, even

Is There A Cure For Lupus Pain?
It can be difficult to diagnose since it can often mimic other ailments. At the
moment, while there is no cure for lupus, there are some natural, non-
pharmaceutical treatments you can use to relieve your symptoms.

"The good news is that if you suffer with lupus, treatment  is rapidly
improving, becoming safer and much more effective," says Chris
Copeland from
Thermomedic Therapy GarmentsTM.  "The treatment of
lupus and its symptoms today is much more effective than even just a few
years ago."

Because the disease affects so many people around the world medical
researchers continue to study new therapies, especially those based on
natural medicines.
Themomedic Therapy GarmentsTM offer you a safe
and highly effect natural lupus treatment without the risk of unpleasant
side effects or complications sometimes caused by prescription medication.

Lifestyle and Home Care For Lupus
The Mayo Clinic in The States suggest you take steps to care for your
body if you have lupus. Some simple life style choices can help prevent
lupus flares and include being sure to get plenty of rest, avoid too much
sun exposure, enjoy regular exercise to help promote a general sense of
well-being and also do not smoke. Studies show smoking increases your
risk of cardiovascular disease and also worsen the symptoms of lupus.

Using far infrared therapy treatments can gently and safely help to ease
lupus pain, improve circulation to relieve the discomfort caused by burning
and tingling and
neuropathic nerve damage as well as  helping to make
exercise more comfortable for an improved sense of well-being.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lupus?
Some of the most common lupus symptoms may include:

~  migraine-like headaches

~   extreme tiredness and fatigue

~   seizures

 ~  strokes

 ~  eye and vision problems

Some prescription drugs that doctors use to try to treat lupus may also
cause unpleasant side-effects. These complications can include
headache, dizziness, confusion and even meningitis-like symptoms.

Things To Avoid if you Suffer with Lupus
If you have lupus there are certain foods and medications that you should
avoid. Some things have been shown to induce lupus flares and should be
avoided by people with lupus or autoimmune diseases.

People with lupus should avoid too much sun, since sunlight can cause
rashes and flares. Some antibiotics are known to cause an increase in sun
sensitivity and lower blood counts in people with lupus, resulting in lupus
flares. Garlic and echinacea may also cause flares in people with
autoimmune diseases such as lupus.

Can Lupus Affect My Nervous System?
We know the nervous system regulates many of our body’s functions.
Occasionally, symptoms of numbness or tingling may be the result of
lupus affecting the nerves. This is known as peripheral neuropathy.
Symptoms of nerve damage may be caused by inflammation of the nerves
or by compression of the nerves due to swelling in the soft tissue.

What Are Lupus Headaches?
Clinical studies show that lupus sufferers are more likely to suffer with
lupus headaches and these are also more common in people who also
suffer with Raynaud’s phenomenon. Headaches can also be due to
inflammation of the blood vessels.

Do Fluorescent Lights Produce Ultraviolet Rays that are
Harmful for People who Suffer with Lupus?
The problems of lupus photo-sensitivity is complex. Generally, it is thought
that people who suffer with lupus may experience some complications if
exposed to unshielded fluorescent lighting for long periods of time.





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