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Marathon Running

Running A Marathon- Far Infrared Therapy Compression Wear and Joint SupportsWant To Be Part of The Fun Of Running A Marathon?

How To Get Fit and Enjoy A Great Day Out In The

Top Training Tips For You To Get Fit

So that you know how to avoid injury, sprains and muscle soreness the next day here
are a few tips to help you enjoy the day. You can use the following training tips to
create your own individualized training plan. Workouts are easy. Anyone can design
a great-sounding workout. But for best results, as a marathon runner, you don't need
a random, isolated workout. Runners need individualized, realistic training plans with
specific fitness goals in mind.

So What Is Your Best Training Plan Top Avoid Injury & Pain?
Eleven top training tips to  help you create the best training schedule for
1. You should strive for optimal training benefits with the least amount of work to
maximize your improvement while minimizing the risk of injuries. Whenever you do a
workout, think about what you're trying to achieve. Is it improved endurance? Better
speed? Greater running economy?

2. To help you escape the trap of suffering overuse injuries, stay with your current
training regime and build on it. Then, if your training feels comfortable, increase your
running times each week

3. Consider following a progressive training program to gradually build up to a racing
peak which moves steadily from one emphasis to another. This can include easy runs
to repetition workouts to interval training to tempo training.

4. Aim to pump up your stride rate to 180 per minute. Research shows that at
distances from 5000 meters and up, the top runners, both men and women, ran with
a stride rate of about 180 strides per minute.

5. Aim to run about 75 percent of your weekly mileage at a relaxed pace to build your
aerobic capacity and strengthen your major running muscles, joints, and ligaments.

6. Strive to run one long run each week equivalent to 25 to 40 percent of your total
distance for the week.

7. Plan to run about 12 percent of your weekly mileage at your tempo pace to
enhance your running economy and your body's ability to function with increasing
amounts of lactic acid.

8. Aim to run about eight percent of your weekly mileage at your interval pace to
improve your ability to run at a fast pace.

9. Run two percent of your weekly mileage at your repetition pace to improve your
power, speed, stride frequency and your relaxation while running fast.

10. Coming back from an injury? Running too much too soon can be a serious issue
for athletes. Now's the time to take things slowly to stay fit and strong. Consider
increasing your running distance by just 10 percent each week until your injury is fully
healed. You can avoid the risk of
re-injury and pain by using compression wear and
joint supports during your training sessions as well as to ensure maximum
performance on the day.

11. Most importantly, stay positive and think about other factors, including your diet
and training aids.  Remember, when you have a good day it represents your true
capacity as a fit, elite athlete. So, go ahead, reward yourself!

Do You Enjoy Barefoot Running?
If you are interested in finding out more about the bio-mechanics of different foot
strikes in endurance running and the applications to human endurance running prior
to the modern running shoe then you will be interested to know that scientists at
Harvard have been investigating the bio-mechanics of endurance running.

The study compared those runners who habitually ran barefoot with runners who
normally ran in modern running shoes with built-up heels, stiff soles and arch support
to investigate the differences in injury rates.





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