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Medical Support For Complimentary Therapies and Alternative MedicinesMedical Support For The Therapeutic Use of Far Infrared Therapy In Pain Management & Health Care

The use of far infrared therapy for therapeutic value has
formed the basis of a number of medical studies. Research
findings concluded that the effects of infrared act upon the
skin's surface, blood vessels and nerves were highly
beneficial. Further, the effects of thermal energy will vary
between individuals because skin is a complex material
with a wide range of characteristics.

Some worthwhile benefits from far infrared thermal therapy include an
increase in metabolic activity in the superficial tissues, increased
mobility and suppleness of joints with a decrease in pain as well as
improved circulation due to dilatation of the skin vessels without
significantly raising body core temperature or blood pressure. A study
conducted by Dr Justin Tobias of Creighton University School of
Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska showed a decrease in stiffness in
rheumatoid finger joints.

In addition, heat increased the elasticity of connective collagen tissue
while reducing the severity of muscle spasms. Medical studies also
Neurological Pain Relief with the application of heat and
the use of infrared therapy on the body created an analgesic effect,
possibly due to an increase in endorphins.

Further, there is medical support to show that there is a beneficial
effect on the healing of wounds suggesting far infrared therapy can
play an effective role in treatment of skin ulcers and wounds.

One case study in Australia demonstrated general relief from pain and
an improved mobility of finger joints in the right hand with continued
use of Thermomedic Thermal Therapy Gloves. Relief from pain and
swelling associated with sporting injuries to knee was also evident with
the use of the Thermomedic compression knee support.

This information is provided for general purposes only. The opinions
and results expressed in this article are the opinions of the relevant
researchers. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Thermomedic's Commitment To Product Development
Thermomedic's product research and development program is
devoted to the treatment of pain relief, injury prevention and medical
care options for rheumatic diseases. These safe, effective thermal
therapy treatments are recommended by rheumatologists and arthritis
health professionals around the world.

The Use Of Complementary Therapies in Australian Health
Reported in scientific literature, extensive medical studies, both in
Australia and around the world, have linked reduced rates of certain
health disorders to cultures in Asia where alternative therapies are
widely practiced.

These research findings are further supported in a 2006 study
conducted by the distinguished Mayo Clinic in America, which finds
patients are increasingly interested in pursuing complementary
medicine techniques in conjunction with their mainstream medical care.

This study lends authority to patients' beliefs that nontraditional
methods may prove beneficial to their health. This hematology
research at the Mayo Clinic in America is just one current example of
such study into the benefits of ancient Chinese therapies.

Scientific Research
Scientific investigations conducted by researchers world-wide enhance
our understanding of physiological processes which offer us valuable
new solutions to human health issues. Studies into thermal technology
is an excellent example.

Scientists have known for centuries that it is possible to separate
sunlight into its constituent colours (a rainbow) by passing it through a
prism. However, only in the middle of the 19th century was it
discovered that a number of forms of electromagnetic radiation or
energy exist, with visible light being just one of them. Radio waves and
x-ray are two other forms.

The entire wavelength range is called the electromagnetic spectrum
which, depending upon the wavelength and its effect on material
objects, is further divided into, for example, visible light or infrared light.

As a result of years of exacting research, scientists in the NASA Office
of Biological and Physical Research (OBPR) are making use of recent
bio-technical advances to create enhanced health care therapies
without undue side effects. Initially consisting of work with compact
imaging scanners to harness the power of thermal light for use in
navigation, agriculture and space travel, their ground-breaking
biotechnology has also found ways to benefit human health. New fibre
technology combined with NASA bio-technical discoveries create
effective health care solutions which aim to support traditional medical
and therapeutic procedures.

At NASA's commercial space centre, Provision Technologies, located
at the Stennis Space Centre in Mississippi, scientist, George May and
his researchers been working on Hyper-spectral Imaging technology
since the 1990's to better understand the health benefits to be derived
from the energy wavelengths range, such as thermal far infrared light.

Ground-Based Therapeutic Applications
As a result of their findings, May and his team have since begun to use
Hyper-spectral Imaging technology in the fields of skin and health care.
NASA provides the Centre's funding while also encouraging
partnerships with business, private industry and academic institutions
to ensure their work is available to benefit us all.

One example is their partnership with the wound care clinic of the
Gulfport Memorial Hospital in Gulfport, Mississippi. "We have a lot of
work going on in wounds where we're trying to characterize the healing
process," describes May. The second skin health project is the
analysis of burns, while the third skin project is with the cosmetics
industry "to see if we could fine-tune the chemical composition of
cosmetics....." says May.

Far Infrared Textiles
Other business partnerships include the commercial development of
fibres which harness these new thermal technologies so that they are
capable of providing positive health care benefits to assist with human
and animal welfare. Consideration is also being given to textiles that
have application to positively enhance the health factors within interior

Far infrared therapy garments using Nanotechnology materials have
unique properties arising from their nanoscale dimensions such as,
positive applications in the pharmaceutical and therapeutic health care

Are There Any Arthritis Cures?
An Australian research team is hopeful of an arthritis cure following
their 2005 discovery of the enzyme considered to be responsible for
the destruction of cartilage in inflammatory arthritis. The team of
scientists from the University of Melbourne and the Murdoch Children's
Research Institute are the first to report an enzyme deficiency that may
protect sufferers against the pain of arthritis.

Dr Amanda Fosang states that "cartilage is found throughout the body,
most notably covering bone endings in joints such as the knee and
hip. A large molecule called 'aggrecan' gives cartilage its unique
capacity to bear load and resist compression and it is this substance
that is broken down in arthritis. The result is a weak cartilage and
painful joints. Our new findings identified a single enzyme called ADAM
TS5 which was the main culprit for aggrecan breakdown.”

Thermomedic Offers The Best Health Care for Healthy,
Strong Joints
Exercise, when balanced with good diet and rest, can help avoid pain
and stiffness, making muscles stronger and joints more flexible.
Doctors and physiotherapists recommend exercise as important for
maintaining healthy and strong muscles, for preserving joint mobility
and maintaining flexibility. Thermomedic Therapy Garments and
arthritis treatments provide the necessary firm compressive support
required in the development of stronger muscles and to maintain more
flexible joints. Safe, natural and effective, Thermomedic far infrared
therapy products are the joint supports of choice for elite athletes and
sports people of all ages.

Who Should Exercise Caution In their Use Of Bio-Ceramic
Therapy Garments?
It is advised that those individuals suffering conditions such as
enclosed wounds, thrombosis or undergoing cancer treatment should
not use thermal therapy garments. Pregnant women are also similarly

It is highly recommended that you seek professional medical advice
prior to commencing any new health care regime.




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