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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Relief With Far Infrared Therapy Treatment From ThermomedicDo You Suffer From Neck Pain?  Is It Painful To Move Your Head?

Do You Suffer With Headaches?
Did you know that neck pain affects 10% of the population each year? While
your pain may be severe, the good news is that generally neck pain improves
within a week or two. Whiplash caused by motor vehicle accidents is one
common cause of neck pain while acute strain may also occur after sleeping in
an awkward position.

What is Neck Pain?
Neck pain is just that, pain occurring in the neck. Pain can be localized to the
spine or may radiate down an arm. While all age groups are at risk of
developing neck pain, it occurs more frequently in women than men. People
who sit in one location staring at computer screens for long periods of time
may be at an increased risk of neck pain and back problems.

What Causes Neck Pain?
Most episodes of neck pain are caused by the wearing out of the
structures (mechanical) of the neck, which is associated with aging or with
overuse of the neck or arms. Some instances of neck pain are associated with
systemic illnesses, such as polymyalgia rheumatica.
The common mechanical disorders that cause neck pain are the following:

Muscle strains usually related to prolonged physical activity such as sitting at
computer terminals for extended periods of time. Acute strain also may occur
after sleeping in an awkward position.

Osteoarthritis resulting from the narrowing of the intervertebral discs of the spine.
The neighboring vertebrae grow spurs in response to the increasing pressure
placed on them.

Herniated intervertebral discs cause arm pain more frequently than neck pain.
The pinching of a nerve in the neck causes severe arm pain (brachialgia).
Disc herniations may cause a loss of function of the nerve that may include a
loss of reflex, feeling, or muscle strength.

Spinal stenosis is narrowing of the spinal canal that causes compression of the
spinal cord (cervical myelopathy). The narrowing is caused by disc bulging,
bony spurs, and thickening of spinal ligaments. The squeezing of the spinal
cord may not cause neck pain in all cases but is associated with leg
numbness, weakness, and loss of bladder or rectum control.

Whiplash is a suddenly fast forward and backward injury to the soft tissues of
the neck, most commonly caused by rear-impact car accidents. The pain and
stiffness associated with these accidents generally develop 24-48 hours after
the injury.

Systemic disorders that can lead to neck pain include ankylosing spondylitis,
rheumatoid arthritis, polymyalgia rheumatica, tumors and infections.

Massage therapy has proven helpful for those with chronic muscular neck pain.

How Is Neck Pain Treated?
Maintaining motion is an important part of therapy for neck pain. The use of
rigid neck braces should be kept to a minimum.
While regular exercise should be discontinued until the neck pain is improved,
movement of the neck is encouraged. Gradual movement in all directions of
motion of the neck stretches muscles that may be excessively tight.

Patients with increased stress may have contracted neck muscles and thermal
therapy has proven helpful for those with chronic muscular neck pain. pain can
help relieve pain as can heat, which relaxes the muscles. Heat is most
beneficial for pain lasting more than 48 hours and is often enough to treat
episodes of neck pain and muscle tightness.

Living With Neck Pain
The best way of living with neck pain is trying to prevent it. Do not sit at the
computer for hours without getting up frequently to stretch the neck and back.
Take the stress of the day out of your neck muscles and do your exercise
routine. If you smoke, stop. Smoking is a predisposing factor for neck pain. If
you are overweight, get into shape. Generally, it is vital to pay attention to your
body and exercise, eat right, and maintain a healthy life style. Remember, pain
is your body's way of telling you there is a problem.

At Thermomedic Therapy Garments
TM our focus is on the relief of pain for your
long term health and sense of well-being. We are committed to helping you
enjoy optimal health by facilitating non-invasive, thermal treatments to assist
with the support for your spine and improved posture.

At Thermomedic Therapy Garments
TM our therapeutic clothes integrate natural
therapies with traditional medical treatment to assist support the structure of
the spine while receiving effective pain relief.

Clinical trials shows that our spine has an optimal structure designed to
minimize stress on the nervous, skeletal and muscular systems. By regularly
wearing a compressive back support with soothing thermal care can assist
your back to maintain its healthy and ideal alignment so you can perform your
everyday tasks pain-free while helping to prevent further injury and damage.
This can be most important for you in improving neck, shoulder and back pain

Correct posture and spinal alignment can help provide shock absorbing ability
to reduce tension on the brain and spinal cord for optimum health and the
prevention of chronic back and neck pain.

Did you know poor posture is a strong indicator of an  unhealthy spinal
structure and is an important component in the assessment of neck and spinal

How Can I Help Relieve My Bad Neck and Back?
Correction of back and neck problems can be assisted with the combination of
several strategies including:

~ Physiotherapy to help restore movement of the spine
~ Postural rehabilitation exercises to help strengthen muscles
~ Compressive thermal therapy back supports or magnetic therapy vest to
ease pain and improve circulation to help prevent further damage to your
spine, neck and shoulders.

When investing in your health and wellbeing, it is so important to choose far
infrared therapeutic products that will really deliver the benefits you require,
comfortably, safely and effectively. Good health is about attention to quality
and commitment to delivering value that you can trust.





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