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Neck Pain Treatment

Neck Pain Treatemnt With Far Infrared Therapy From ThermomedicSuffering With Neck Pain? Is your Neck So Stiff You Have Trouble Just Doing Simple Tasks?

Find Out More About Fast, Safe & Gentle Neck Pain Relief...
Do you suffer with neck and shoulders due to injury, stiffness and
pain? Whiplash caused by a car accident, poor posture and arthritis
are very common causes of neck pain. Joint, tendon problems and
instability may also cause shoulder pain.

While there can be many medical terms used to describe neck and
spinal disc pathology and the causes of pain, including "herniated
disc," "pinched nerve" or "bulging disc," all you know is that your neck

Why Do I Have Tingling & Numbness?
If you suffer with pain that radiates down your arm, even into your
hands and fingers, this may be caused by nerve root pain, also known
as a herniated disc, pinching a nerve in your neck. The pain may be
also be accompanied by feelings of numbness or tingling in your arms
and hands. These symptoms can start suddenly or develop over time.

Since your neck is very mobile, it is less stable than other parts of your
body which can make it more susceptible to serious injury and pain.
Trauma, bad posture and degenerative joint diseases, such as
arthritis, are the most common causes of neck pain.

What Causes Neck Pain?
There can be a number of causes of neck pain. A painful injury to the
neck that results from a sudden jerking backwards and forwards is
often called
whiplash. Whiplash can happen if you are involved in a
car accident which may overstretch your neck and upper back, causing
strain or tear to the supporting ligaments, muscles and discs, even
irritating the nerves in your neck and shoulders.

Another common cause of neck pain is
wry neck, also known as
torticollis, a condition where your neck suddenly becomes very stiff
and painful. In fact, just turning your head to the side, often one
side more than the other or looking up can cause an acute ‘catching’

Sometimes, one or both sides of your neck can go into sudden
with the pain shooting from the top of your neck right down the
shoulder blade and even out to the top of your shoulder. Often,
impingement of one nerve root on one side of your spine causes most
of the symptoms. This type of neck pain is frequently caused by wear
or age-related changes in the joints of the neck.

Did you know that
poor posture can cause neck pain by putting extra
strain on the ligaments and muscles? In fact, so can standing with your
shoulders slouched and your chin moving forward, working with your
head looking down for long periods of time, sitting in a slumped position
while seated or even just sleeping face-down are very common
postural problems that may cause neck pain.

Low level of chronic neck pain that occasionally flares up is often made
worse by certain positions or activities or can be accompanied by arm
pain. Doctors say this may indicate symptomatic cervical disc
degeneration. If your pain continues, it is important to consult with your
doctor to get a correct diagnosis for your condition.

What Are The Best Natural Treatments For Neck Pain?
While lifestyle habit and diet changes are often a vital part of the
overall treatment of neck and back pain, there is also much to
recommend the time-tested technique of heat therapy, using Far
Infrared Therapy which can provide natural pain relief.

Complimentary medical treatment using soothing, gentle thermal
therapy can help ease neck and shoulder pain for fast pain relief.

Safe, natural treatments for neck pain can include:

~ gentle mobilisation exercises from your physiotherapist
~ wearing pain-relieving far infrared therapy vest to enhance mobility
~ gently massaging your neck and shoulders

The benefit of wearing far infrared therapy clothes is that, as they are
non-medicated so they will not interfere with any other medication you
may be taking. This means that they are safe, even for long term

In fact, Thermomedic Therapy Garments
TM are the ideal choice as an
adjunct to help lessen your reliance on prescribed medication.

How Do Far Infrared Therapy Clothes Work?
Far infrared light is the frequency of invisible light that is generated
naturally by the sun. Far infrared will not cause damage to your skin
like UV light will. This means there is no risk of skin damage to you.

Using advance fibre technology, Thermomedic Therapy Garments
FIR Therapy clothes takes advantage of the heat generated by far
infrared emitting bio-ceramic minerals, which are permanently
embedded into the fibres during the manufacturing process. This
means the beneficial soothing, warmth will not wash out.

This safe and natural, alternative therapy can be used in the treatment
of a variety of health problems including arthritis, muscle pain and
spasms, soft-tissue damage and shoulder joint stiffness. Using far
infrared thermal therapy can enhance joint mobilisation, relieve
symptoms of neck pain and ease the discomfort of numbness and
tingling for an improved sense of well-being.

Is There Any New Research Into Far Infrared Therapy?
There have been numerous studies into the benefits of far infrared
therapy for pain relief. One recent study published by F. Ervolino and
R. Gazze on September 5 2015 titled "
Far infrared wavelength
treatment for low back pain: Evaluation of a non-invasive
" concluded:

"There was progressive improvement each week in physical component
and bodily pain scales. There were no reported adverse events.

Use of site-specific FIR therapy over a four-week period in the
workplace was associated with significant clinical improvements in pain
and quality of life for office workers with previously refractory low back




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