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New Fabrics Radiate Therapeutic Far Infrared Rays

Far infrared Therapy Gloves and Compression Wrist BracesBio-Ceramic Textiles For Improved
Health Care

New Fabrics Radiate Therapeutic Far Infrared

New, technologically-advanced textiles have been developed for safe,
effective therapeutic benefit. These materials, which display positive
health care benefits, are available for use in orthopaedic and therapy
devices as well as interior applications, including bed linen. Research
shows these uni
que materials are very effective in relieving pain,
soreness and swelling.

FIR fibres are excellent in the treatment of arthritis and carpal tunnel
syndrome pain.

Improved Healing
Both natural and man-made fibres impregnated with these bio-ceramic
insulating powders help accelerate your body's own natural healing
process. Far Infrared medical  supports and orthotics worn during
exercise help increase sweating, removal of lactic acid and the
breakdown of toxins.  

Sportsmen and women have made use of braces made of fibres such
as myelin, latex and rubber to achieve some benefit. However, since
these fabrics do not breathe well, skin irritation and inflammation have
resulted. In contrast, far infrared therapy
clothing maximizes body
heat, therefore preventing your muscles from feeling over-worked.
With repeated use, these supports and body bands can noticeably
improve muscle tone.

By using an assortment of Far-Infrared joint supports during
competitions and training, athletes have been able to
eliminate soreness and muscle spasms while reducing the risk of
injury. Far Infrared body bands help relieve injured or over-worked
muscles, tendons and ligaments.  

Far infrared therapy gloves help protect hands from injury and
minimize sun damage while playing sport.

Recommended By Health Care Professionals
Doctors and physical therapists recommended the supervised use of
far Infrared lamps and thermal treatment to help relieve painful health
care complaints. With electric lamps and saunas, however, extreme
caution must be exercised to avoid the risk of burns and permanent
skin damage.

With the development of these new, highly advanced
nanomaterials capable of emitting FIR thermal care there is now a
range of safe far infrared therapy
garments available for your specific
need at an affordable price.






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