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Osteoarthritis Hip Pain

How To Treat Osteoarthritis Hip Pain With Thermal Underwear and Girdles For Men and WomentHow To Manage Your Hip Osteoarthritis Pain

Thermomedic Therapy Garments have proven over years of use to be a
gentle, safe, convenient and very affordable treatment choice for the relief of
hip pain and joint stiffness. The combination of customer feed-back as well as
the comforting health benefits enjoyed by our customers worldwide has led to
continual product development. Thermomedic believes that maintaining your
mobility is of vital importance as you age since the loss of personal
independence can have devastating effects on an active, happy life-style.

What Is Osteoarthritis Of The Hip?
Osteoarthritis of the hip is a common cause of hip pain and stiffness.
Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disorder where the cartilage in your joints
progressively wears away. Without this cushioning in the joints, your bones rub
against each another as you move. Bony growths, or spurs, can also form
around the joint, causing pain.

Which Joints Are Affected By Osteoarthritis Pain?
Generally, osteoarthritis occurs in your hips, knees, hands and spine.
Osteoarthritis of the hip joint causes stiffness and reduced range of motion
which may make walking painful and difficult. If you suffer with osteoarthritis of
the hip, there are some simple tips to make sure you can get back into enjoying
an active and busy life-style.

What Are The Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis?
The most common symptom of osteoarthritis is pain in the affected joint.
Osteoarthritis joint pain is usually worse later in the day. There can be swelling,
warmth and creaking of the affected joints. Pain and stiffness of the joints can
also occur after long periods of inactivity, for example, sitting still. In severe
osteoarthritis, loss of the cartilage cushion creates friction between the bones,
causing pain. When the cartilage deteriorates, the bone next to it becomes
inflamed and can produce new bone growth in the form of a bony spur.

Can I Keep Hip Osteoarthritis Pain Under Control?
Yes. Osteoarthritis of the hip joint may cause you pain in the hips, lower back,
groin and buttocks, as well as swelling and stiffness. While osteoarthritis often
worsens with age, there are some natural alternatives that can help keep your
symptoms under control to prevent hip osteoarthritis from impacting your life.

Hip Replacement Surgery Post-Operative Care
Physiotherapists recommend Thermomedic Therapy Garments compression
girdles following hip replacement surgery to assist healing and maintain the
correct position of surgical dressings for better healing and pain relief.

How Can I Ease My Hip Pain?
If you suffer with mild-to-moderate hip pain, Thermomedics thermal hip support
garments can help to:

~ Relieve arthritic aches, pains, joint stiffness and soreness
~ Improve localized circulation
~ Enhance joint mobility and improve stability
~ Relax sore muscles

Unlike over-the-counter pain relievers, such as paracetamol which can cause
unpleasant side-effects, Thermomedic Therapy Garments can help to naturally
relieve your osteoarthritis hip pain. You can safely wear thermal therapy hip
support underwear to help keep your osteoarthritis hip pain under control and
enhance joint flexibility.

Can Thermal Therapy Hip Supports Help Ease My Pain?
Yes, If you suffer with inflammation you can wear your hip support underpants
day and night to relieve your pain, reduce swelling and relax sore muscles.
Many people with allergies to seafood are unable to tolerate glucosamine so
Thermomedic Therapy Garments can safely help to ease and prevent
osteoarthritis joint pain without the risk of allergies or adverse reactions.

How Can Exercise Help Ease Hip Pain?
While we know exercise is important, it is especially important if you suffer with
osteoarthritis of the hip. The correct exercises can help to strengthen your leg
and hip muscles for better pain relief and improved support for the hip joint.
Gentle exercise can also help to maintain joint flexibility. Physiotherapists
recommend low-impact exercises to strengthen your back and legs, such as
swimming. It's also a good idea to check with your own doctor for individual
advice to suit you.

Maintain A Healthy Weight
Did you know being overweight increases your risk of developing osteoarthritis
of the hip as well as contributing to hip damage and pain?  This is because
your hip joints bear much of the burden of being overweight. Trying to maintain
a healthy body weight helps to reduce pressure on your hip joints.

Protect Your hip Joints With Hip Support Underpants
Protecting your hip joints and avoiding excessive stress can assist to reduce
the severity and impact of osteoarthritis pain. Thermomedic hip support
underwear with soothing thermal therapy can ease pain, improve joint mobility
and ease inflammation for better treatment outcomes.





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