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Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Treatment With Far Infrared Therapy Joint Supports and Knee BracesOsteoarthritis Knee Pain Affecting Your Life?

Did you know a new study shows the use of medium-compression
bracing to treat osteoarthritis helps relieve arthritis-induced pain for
improved joint function?

Orthopedic devices, such as wrist bands, joint supports and knee
braces have a positive therapeutic effect in managing osteoarthritis
pain, especially when the disease affects weight-bearing
joints such as the knee.

Orthopedic joint supports and braces are medical devices designed
to stabilize damaged joints, reduce pain and inflammation to help
build stronger muscles and maintain correct joint alignment. The
most beneficial joint supports use thermal far infrared therapy which
enhances your body’s own natural healing power.

Thermomedic Therapy Garment's compression functional knee
supports help weakened limbs function better. These well-designed
joint supports and knee braces can assist to ease pain and relieve
symptoms to be a beneficial part of your arthritis treatment plan.

Natural, Bio-Ceramic Far Infrared therapy knee supports
provides support for sore, weak or injured knees. Thermomedic
knee supports are a great choice to wear at work or during sporting
activities which lead to pain or discomfort.

How Do Thermomedic Compressive Joint Supports Work?
Generally, knee braces and compressive joint supports work to
help decrease joint pain, provide healing support, rest and
protection to unstable joints to help ease symptoms of nerve
compression, such as numbness and tingling as well as position
joints correctly to reduce the risk of deformity and protect joints
from further damage.

Knee osteoarthritis most frequently affects the medial or inside
compartment of the joint. To better understand how compression
bracing works for osteoarthritis of the knee, consider someone with
knee OA who may suffer with injury or deformity.

One way to reduce the symptoms of medial compartmental knee
pain is to use orthopedic devices. Thermomedics mild to medium-
compression knee supports help build stronger muscles and
maintain correct joint alignment. Medium-compression bracing can
reduce arthritis-related symptoms for those people suffering with
mild to moderate medial compartmental knee osteoarthritis.

Thermomedic knee braces are designed to help stabilize the knee
joint, redirect the body’s weight away from the affected part of the
knee joint to help correct leg alignment for better healing and
improved symptom relief.

The goal is to
reduce knee pain, to protect the joint and to try
slow the process of joint degeneration to assist enhance life-
style and improved sense of well-being.

Designed to be simple to wear, non-medicated and non-irritating to
fragile or sensitive skin, Thermomedic Therapy Garments
TM are an
affordable and safe choice for osteoarthritis pain relief.




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