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Pain Relief

Pain Relief With Far Infrared TherapyPain Relief With Far Infrared Therapy Garments

Do You Suffer With Pain?   Yes?  Well....You Are Not Alone.

In fact, did you know pain affects about 100 million
Americans with $635 billion in costs annually?

Thermomedic Therapy GarmentsTM researches and develops new and
innovative medical devices for
pain relief and injury rehabilitation.
We specialize in thermal therapy garments, orthopaedic joint supports
and sports medical products to meet the growing need for improved
outcome of therapeutic conditions, that, when not managed effectively,
can lead to suffering, loss of function and deterioration of lifestyle.

How Can Far Infrared Therapy help Me?
Far Infrared Therapy Garments with magnetic healing use soothing
thermal energy to help relieve arthritic joint pain, osteoarthritis,
rheumatism, carpal tunnel syndrome, Raynaud's disease and injury. Far
infrared therapy garments provide your injured joints with supportive
compression to reduce the risk of re-injury.

Thermomedic therapy gloves and orthopedic garments are excellent
aids for sports people, athletes and gymnasts to incorporate into their
routine to assist warm-up and cool-down and avoid injury, sprains and
ligament damage.

Following the development of far infrared thermal technology by NASA
for use in their space program, extensive scientific research in The
United States, Asia and Australia has confirmed the therapeutic health
benefits of thermal therapy. New textiles incorporating these
technically-advanced, bio-ceramic compounds for the relief, care and
rehabilitation of soft-tissue, joint and tendon trauma are both easy to
wear and affordable.

NASA's research into the scientific principles of far infrared thermal
energy has created new applications for effective therapies which offer
solutions for debilitating health conditions, such as arthritis, rheumatism,
carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and back injuries. Further, Australia's
CSIRO Laboratories are committed to developing medical and
biomedical textiles for applications in health care, regenerative medicine
and tissue repair.

Thermomedic thermal therapy garments are an effective treatment for
the relief of joint stiffness, pain and soft and connective tissue disorder
so that you may use them with complete peace of mind.

Indication For Use:
Thermomedic Therapy GarmentsTM are intended to provide effective
relief of muscle and joint pain and stiffness, for the temporary relief of
pain associated with arthritis, for the temporary increase in local
circulation where applied for the relaxation of muscles. They are safe,
even for long term therapy.

Thermal Therapy Garments can be used to treat lower back pain,
athletic injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, Repetitive Stress Injury,
arthritis, joint disorders such as tennis elbow, swelling and inflammation
during the acute phase of an injury and associated pain.

Treatment with Thermomedic Therapy Garments is gentle and
non-toxic. The thermal process has several beneficial effects on human
cells, specifically enhancing the body's natural regenerative functions as
well as stimulating localized micro-circulation.

Infrared Thermal Therapy has been used for many years by hospitals,
clinicians and physiotherapists with excellent therapeutic results. Of
course, always consult your own trusted health care provider for medical




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