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Podiatry- Foot Care

Podiatry Foot Care and Nerve DamageDid you know that the recurrence rate of foot ulcers for people suffering with
diabetic foot disease is greater than 50 per cent after 3 years of disease

Doctors say that diabetic foot problems are a common occurrence, resulting in
major health and lifestyle consequences for patients, their families and society.

In fact, diabetic foot complications are a major cause of hospital admission in
North America. Statistics show that diabetic foot ulceration and amputation are
estimated to cost US taxpayers more than $10.9 billion each year.

The good news is, however, because foot ulcers are generally of neuropathic
origin, they can be prevented with medical attention and the correct foot care.

So, what can you do to prevent diabetic foot problems? The first and easiest
step is to protect delicate skin and improve circulation in your sore feet using
safe, natural therapy socks with far infrared therapy. Naturally anti-bacterial,
scientifically-advanced far infrared fibres assist to prevent odour,
perspiration,maintain skin health and soothe the burning and tingling often
associated with diabetic nerve damage.

Podiatry & Foot Care
The next step is to identify the best health care professional who can help you
treat diabetic neuropathy symptoms. Did you know podiatrists are skilled
professionals trained to deal with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and
rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs?

This includes diabetic foot problems, edema and peripheral neuropathy.
Increasingly, podiatrists are recommending their patients use natural,
non-invasive treatments to help ease the symptoms of diabetic foot
neuropathy, Raynauds disease and degenerative joint disease.

Regular use of your far infrared thermal socks can help prevent or treat foot
problems, alleviate pain and help keep your feet fresh and odour-free.
Thermomedic Therapy socks are specially designed to improve circulation to
naturally relieve smelly feet, ease the pain of gout and type 2 diabetes.

Why Far Infrared Therapy Treatments?
Far infrared therapy treatments and orthopedic socks help treat and prevent
problems concerning the feet and lower limbs. Far infrared therapy socks
assist to relieve foot issues including, general foot pain and tiredness through
to acute pain and offer effective orthotic care for all age groups.

If you are concerned with any of the following foot conditions, then far infrared
therapy treatment socks can help ease your symptoms without the unpleasant
side effects of prescribed medications.

·        ~ Arthritis

·        ~ Bunion Pain

·        ~ Corns & Calluses

·        ~ Cracked heels

·        ~ Diabetes

·        ~ Fungal Nails

·        ~ Heel Pain

·        ~ Heel spurs

·        ~ Shin splints

·        ~ Tinea  





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