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Poor Circulation

Poor Circulation Problems Far Infrared Therapy Garments

Foot Care Health & Poor Circulation
Shivering with the cold on a chilly day is often just part a of life and usually
nothing too serious. There are times, though, when feeling cold can't be
cured by an popping on a coat, sipping a hot drink or turning on the
heater. Sometimes feeling the cold can be a sign of some serious health
conditions and poor circulation.

Diabetes Can Lead to Hands & Feet Feeling Numb and Tingly
Cold caused by diabetes is caused by nerve damage, called neuropathy.
While it is not clear how diabetes causes nerve damage, high blood
glucose levels are known to interfere with the nerves' ability to transmit

Diabetic neuropathy means you may be less able to feel cold or pain and
this loss of sensation can lead to skin damage, ulcers and injury.

Raynaud's Disease And Poor Circulation
Blood vessels go into spasm which can block the flow of blood. Affected
areas may turn white, then blue and finally change to red as the blood flow
returns. Raynaud's disease is a common condition that affects blood supply to parts of the
body, particularly  the fingers and toes.

Raynauds symptoms include pain, numbness and pins and needles. The
symptoms can be controlled by avoiding cold temperatures and wearing
Thermomedic Raynauds gloves. Thermal gloves and socks can help improve poor
circulation in your fingers and toes for symptom relief.

Hypothyroidism Can Cause Sensitivity to the Cold
The thyroid can either be overactive or underactive. An underactive
thyroid is known as hypothyroidism. Commons symptoms may include the  
slowing down of the body's mental and physical processes, as well as
sensitivity to the cold.

It is estimated that one in 20 people suffer with some kind of thyroid
disorder, which may be temporary or permanent. Further, about 15 in
every 1,000 women and around one in 1,000 men suffer with an
under-active thyroid gland.

Is There A Cure For Poor Circulation?
While there are no cures for poor circulation there are some safe,
effective and natural treatments to help ease the symptoms of poor
circulation. Wearing soft, easy-fit Thermomedic socks with far infrared
thermal therapy can help ease the pain and discomfort caused by poor
circulation. Available in black or white, Thermomedic therapy socks are
available in two styles to ensure your good health.

Treat Poor Circulation Naturally
The circulatory system is an organ system that moves nutrients, gases,
and waste products around your body, helps fight disease, stabilizes body
temperature and pH to maintain homeostasis. Many people suffer with poor circulation, and
while some medications can help, the unpleasant side-effects can be
difficult to bear. Increasingly, people suffering with poor circulation
problems, are seeking natural health care options to ease their discomfort
and reduce their reliance on prescription medication.

Affordable and safe, far infrared thermal socks are a soothing and natural
treatment option for poor circulation in your feet and lower legs.




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