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Prevent Sports Injury and Relieve Pain

Best Way To Avoid Injury, Prevent Permanent Damage to Joints, Ligaments,  TendonsPrevent Sports Injury and Relieve Pain

What Is The Best Way To Avoid Injury and
Prevent Permanent Damage to Joints, Ligaments & Tendons?
THERMOMEDIC Therapy Garments are a safe and effective aid in the
prevention and treatment of painful muscles, sore joints and damaged
ligaments and tendons resulting from sporting activities. Made from scientifically-
advanced Bio-ceramic textiles, Thermomedic orthopaedic body supports,
braces and functional garments are non-toxic, gentle and effective.

Using the principles of far infrared thermal energy
Therapy Garments are the result of technically-advanced bio-ceramic
technology incorporating new materials-science together with the latest
developments in textile spinning and weaving engineering. Thermomedic
Therapy Garments are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications
for your benefit.

How Can THERMOMEDIC Garments Help Me When Playing Sport?
Do you suffer from sports injury?   Enjoy playing sport at an elite level?
THERMOMEDIC Thermal Therapy Garments can assist to:

~ Ensure optimum pre-game warm-up for maximum performance
~ Improve circulation and natural healing
~ Ease stiffness while enhancing suppleness and flexibility
~ Diminish muscle soreness
~ Reduce odour and bacteria
~ Relieve joint pain
~ Prevent sports injury and strain
~ Provide gentle warmth and support during cool-down after exercise

Why Are THERMOMEDIC Garments The Best For Me?
Active Bio-ceramic Elements
THERMOMEDIC Thermal Therapy Garments have a very high content of the
active Bio-ceramic elements which most effectively assist your body to perform
to its best. Our unique manufacturing process ensures these products retain
their therapeutic benefits even after 300 washes.

Functional Fit
Thermomedic products are specifically designed to offer a range of therapeutic
options and sizes to suit your individual needs. Thermomedic 3-way stretch
ankle, knee and elbow elasticised supports offer medium compression for
additional comfort. Back supports are fully-adjustable and our vests  offer a
comfortable fit.

Thermomedic Therapy Garments are non-invasive therapeutic treatments designed to provide firm, supportive joint protection.

Magnetic Therapy
Our magnetic Shoulder and waist protectors also incorporate beneficial
magnetic points as an additional sports aid. They have proven effective for
horse riders, cyclists, golfers, athletes and tennis players.

Breathable, Cotton and Cotton-blend Fibres
Thermomedic premium-quality cotton and cotton-blend products allow your skin
to breath naturally, therefore, avoiding the risk of rashes and skin irritations
from perspiration and over-heating. This is a particularly important health issue
if you enjoy summer sports activities or have sensitive skin.

Comfortable Styling
Thermomedic have styled their therapy garments to ensure maximum comfort
while you are active. They can easily be worn during warm-up, exercise and
post-game cool-down.

Quality Control
Thermomedic is proud to announce that all our therapeutic products conform to
the highest standards of quality control during all manufacturing and handling

Peace of Mind Guarantee
Thermomedic offer a full, money-back guarantee should any of our products
not be suitable.

All Sports People Need a Professional Team on Their Side
Whatever your level of sporting achievement, you deserve therapeutic health
care of the highest level. Thermomedic Sports Supports are trusted by elite
athletes of all disciplines who depend on a safe, fast return to peak

No matter whether you are a recreational golfer, tennis player or play sport at a
representative level, sport is an important part of our lives. For active people,
sport is their entire life.

Is Today's Exercise The Cause of Tomorrow's Pain?  
How Can I Bounce Back Better After Exercise?

Ensure Adequate Warm-up and Cooling-down.
Start with gentle stretching. Stretching helps athletes of all ability levels
maintain and improve flexibility. Wearing Thermomedic bio-ceramic support
garments ensures reduced risk of stress-related injury to enhance your athletic

Stretching muscles that were particularly active during physical activity helps
them relax. It's particularly effective after exercise when muscles and other
tissues are warm and flexible. Stretching exercises, when balanced with
Thermomedic joint supports, can help avoid injury, pain and stiffness, making
your muscles stronger and joints more flexible.

Conclude each exercise session with a few minutes of mild activity after a
strenuous exercise session lowers your heart rate and allows your breathing to
slow down gradually to aid the recovery of muscle tissue and the cardiovascular
system. Wearing mid-level compressive, bio-ceramic sports braces from
Thermomedic assists to prevent strain and injury from physical activity. The
four way stretch knee, elbow and ankle braces gently support joints, tendons
and muscles to enhance the body's natural ability to build and repair muscle

Elite professional athletes choose to use Thermomedic orthopaedic joint
supports for that extra level of care to make their workouts more productive and
reduce their risk of injury or muscle strain. Thermomedics compressive joint
supports are available in sizes to suit individual needs.

Thermomedic Therapy Garments are the specialists in orthopaedic sports
supports and braces. Using the latest research into natural therapies, such as
far infrared and negative ion, our health care products are designed to allow
you the freedom of an active, and full life style.

Good Health and Well-being- It's Worth The Best!
When investing in your health and well-being with therapeutic health care
products, it is so important to choose items that will really deliver the results you
need, as comfortably, safely and effectively as possible. Good health is not
about market share - it’s about excellence of quality and value that you can





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