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Raynaud's Disease

Raynauds Gloves For Cold Fingers and handsWhy Are My Fingers and Toes Cold and White?
How Can Far Infrared Therapy Gloves Help Me?

What Is Raynaud's Disease?

Did you know there's a medical reason behind your painful, cold
fingers and toes? The likely cause, Raynaud's Disease or
Raynaud's Phenomenon, is a disorder of the blood vessels which
can turn your extremities white and painfully cold whenever it is chilly.

Normally, exposure to cold temperatures results in the slowing of
blood which flows to your extremities, such as fingers and toes. The
small arteries in these extremities become narrowed, which reduces
the blood flow, designed to preserve our core body temperature. For
sufferers of Raynaud's Syndrome (pronounced as ray-nodes), this
painful response becomes more exaggerated. As yet, the cause is
not fully understood.

These small arteries constrict dramatically, usually in the fingers and
toes, however, your nose, cheeks and ears may also be affected.
This constriction, called vasospasm, may last for as little as just a few
minutes or as long as several hours. Experiencing stressful emotional
situations can also trigger vasospasm for some sufferers.

Raynaud's Disease often first strikes sufferers between their teen
years up to about the age of 40. There is some medical evidence
which links Raynauds to other diseases that cause damage to blood
vessels and nerves, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

What Safe, Effective Treatments Are There For Raynaud's

Generally, Raynaud's Disease does not cause permanent damage.
However, some people who suffer severe symptoms may experience
some tissue destruction and require medical treatment to help
manage the condition. Many sufferers of Raynaud's Phenomenon
find their condition uncomfortable and painful but best managed with
simple lifestyle changes and the non-invasive, natural therapy of
thermal glove
s and support socks to help avoid the pain of chilled

What Are The Best Therapy Gloves?
The best therapy gloves use bio-ceramic fibres to naturally soothe
and warm your cold fingers and hands.
Far infrared thermal
and therapy socks from Thermomedic Therapy Garments
are recommended by doctors, pharmacists as well as natural

Your Health- It's Worth The Very Best!
When investing in your health and well being with far infrared health
care garments, it is so important to choose products that will really
deliver the results you want, as comfortably, safely and effectively as
possible. Excellence in health care is not about market share - it’s
about reliable quality and true value that you can trust.





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