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Raynauds Treatment Gloves

Symptoms of Raynauds Disease. Thermomedic Raynauds Phenomenon Therapy GlovesHow Can Thermomedic Therapy Gloves Help Raynauds?
ThermomedicTM therapy gloves are a comfortable, natural and affordable
Raynauds treatment to help ease throbbing, cold, sore hands caused by
the symptoms of Raynauds Phenomenon. Non-pharmaceutical, these
therapy gloves are the ideal choice to soothe pain, gently and safely.

Choose The Glove Style to Suit You
Full-finger thermal gloves with knit construction offers mild compression and
maximum soothing warmth for sore cold hands and fingers.

Full-finger, silky-feel therapy gloves offer a stylish and dressy healing
option for sore and cold blue hands. Great for dry, cracked skin or if you
want a non-compressive glove to wear day or night.

Our fingerless thermal gloves are a great choice for wearing every day for
the freedom to do your everyday tasks and computer work with the great
benefit of keeping your hands gently warm and snug.

What Is Raynaud's?
Raynaud’s phenomenon is a painful condition that affects the blood flow to
your fingers and toes and sometimes even the ears or nose. Raynauds is
caused by a sudden constriction of the blood vessels. Raynauds can be
triggered by cold or emotional stress with episodes lasting minutes or
several hours. The affected areas may go pale or white, even blue. As the
blood vessels dilate the rush of blood can turn the affected tissue red.
Raynauds symptoms are quite painful. Did you know women may be
affected five times more frequently than men?

What Are the Symptoms of Raynaud’s Disease?
Symptoms for Raynauds Disease include:
~ Changes to skin colour in your fingers or toes and sometimes to the nose
or ears
~ Throbbing, tingling, numbness and pain
~ Skin damage to your fingertips or toes
~ Ulceration of fingertips

What Are the Causes of Raynaud’s Disease?
Causes for Raynaud include:
~ Cigarette smoking
~ Repetitive physical strain, for example using vibrating power tools
~ Drugs and prescription medications
~ Electrical shock injury
~ Frostbite
~ Exposure to cold
~ Existing medical issues such as, rheumatoid arthritis or carpal tunnel

Complications of Raynaud Disease
Generally, Raynaud’s doesn’t cause any lasting problems. However,
frequent attacks causing loss of blood flow may cause some permanent
damage to the tissue as well as cause:

~ Slow healing of cuts and sores
~ Increased susceptibility to infections
~ Ulceration to fingers or toes
~ Some tissue loss
~ Scarring to the skin

The best natural treatment for Raynauds Disease recommended by doctors
is Thermomedic
TM raynauds gloves and FIR thermal socks to gently
maintain your own natural body warmth without the risk of unpleasant side

TM thermal gloves for raynauds pain are highly effective in
soothing symptoms of cold, blue hands and fingers. Thermomedics
Raynaud gloves are non-medicated making them highly suitable for long
term treatment of Raynauds and as a safe adjunct to your prescription

Raynauds treatment gloves help reduce the severity of your
Raynauds symptoms to prevent permanent injury and ease pain so you can
enjoy life, pain-free!




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