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Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment With Far Infrared Therapy GlovesRheumatoid Arthritis Treatment:  A Community Based Survey
This report from Arthritis Australia is based on an Australian survey which
consulted with a representative sample of over 1000 people suffering with
arthritis from across Australia. The arthritis report's purpose was to examine
how arthritis affected people at home and at work and what the main factors

One finding from a national survey was the discovery about the real
impact of arthritis in Australian communities, 30% of Australians report they
have experienced discrimination at work because of their arthritis.

What Would Make Living With Arthritis Easier?
Arthritis sufferers responded to the report with demands for better education
about rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis treatment training for their doctors,
easier access to medical care and knowledgeable health care professionals,
greatly improved rehabilitation services and increased government funding for
medical research into better arthritis treatments and degenerative joint
disease care.  

The Consequences Of Living With Arthritis Pain
Nearly twice as many in the most affected group were experiencing increasing
pain, lack of mobility, poor sleep and being forced to stop work or study
compared to the least affected. Other findings include:

~ 64% of those most affected felt that arthritis had put a strain on their

~ 83% of those most affected feared for their future because of their arthritis.

~ 51% of those most affected felt arthritis caused stress in personal
relationships with family and friends.

~ 30% of those most affected, and working, had experienced discrimination at
work because of their

~ None of the most affected group who had rheumatoid arthritis were In




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