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Running Injuries

Prevent Sports, Running Injury and Joint Pain With Far Infrared Joint SupportsResearch into the bio-mechanics of endurance
running to compare the incidence of injury between
barefoot runners with those runners who run in
sports shoes with stiff soles, heel and arch supports
confirmed what sports medicine already knew.

It seems that regular barefoot runners tend to avoid landing on
their heels and instead land with a forefoot or midfoot strike.

Research investigating the collisional mechanics of runner's
foot strikes show that forefoot and midfoot strikes, either with
shoes or barefoot, do not generate the sudden, heavy impact
that occurs when you heel strike.

This means that runners who forefoot or midfoot strike do not
require elevated or cushioned shoes to protect themselves
from the injuries caused by these sudden, high transient forces
that occur when you land on the ground heel first.

Therefore, barefoot athletes can run more easily on hard
surfaces without discomfort from landing. Medical research
indicates that striking with your heel as you run may contribute
to running-related injury. Further investigation is required to
determine whether barefoot running could cause other kinds of

Did you know that running barefoot has been shown to use
about 5% less energy than running in regular sports shoes?

Advantages of Running Barefoot or in Light-Weight
There are several advantages to training in barefoot.

Running bare foot strengthens the muscles in your feet,
especially those muscles that support your arch. Podiatrists say
that a healthy foot is a strong foot and is at less risk of
developing a collapsed arch.

Further, when running barefoot you use less energy to forefoot
strike because the natural spring in your foot and calf muscles  
assists your movement. Running barefoot or in light-weight
running shoes also means that there is less weight to carry with
each stride.

So How Can You Avoid Running Injuries?
Studies have shown that wearing compression joint supports
reduces your risk of sporting related injuries. In fact, athletes
who regularly use joint supports and compression wear are less
likely to suffer injury than those who don't.

The regular use of prophylactic protective knee braces can
assist to reduce the occurrence and severity of injuries to your
joints and ligaments without inhibiting the overall joint mobility,
very important to ensure your optimum sporting performance.
There are several different styles of knee braces with the most
useful for athletes being the compression knee support.

What Are The Best Knee Supports For Sports
ThermomedicTM functional knee braces provide effective
protection to ensure the joint is more stable which is important
for athletes because when a knee injury occurs during
high-impact sports, the knee is subjected to very high forces
that occur very quickly.

Effective joint protection is especially important for knees put
under daily training sessions, such as running.

TM knee supports also provide a valuable
compression element that increases blood flow to reduce pain,
not only during, but also after physical activity. The reason this
compression aspect is so important is that a compressed knee
encourages blood flow through the blood vessels of the knee.
Simply, compression and improved blood flow means better
recovery which means less pain and swelling during and after

TM far infrared knee supports easily slide on over
your knee to reduce pain, add warmth, limit patella movement
and help increase proprioception. This is important for athletes
since the capacity to feel the position of your joint can help
athletes protect themselves from re-injury.

The protective cushioning offered by Thermomedic
TM knee
braces help to protect the anterior knee and patella, while
providing gentle ligamentous support. This means, if you have
an unstable knee, compressive joint supports are the ideal
choice to protect the joint, such as the knee, from sports injury
to reduce your risk of suffering with long term damage.

Enjoy getting out and being
active every day - pain-free!




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