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Sore Hands

Far Infrared Therapy Treatment Gloves Are Recommended By Physiotherapists For Sore HandsSore, Cold Hands? How Can I Relive Arthritis Pain?
Do you suffer with sore, cold hands, stiff finger joints, arthritis in the hand or
wrist pain? If so, then you will be heartened to know that Thermomedic therapy
gloves can help you find soothing, gentle relief. There are, however, a few
things that you can do to help make living with sore, cold hands and arthritic
finger joints a little less painful.

Gently massage and move each sore joint through its full, pain-free range of
motion each day to help maintain the flexibility of your joints. The movement of
each joint can often vary from day to day, so take care not to over-strain the
affected joints. Keep movements slow and gentle since forcing your sore finger
joints to stretch can further damage your injured joints. Wear Thermomedic
therapy gloves for arthritis finger pain after your exercise session each day to
maintain finger joint flexibility and ease stiffness.

Is There A Natural Treatment For Arthritis That Will Not Interfere
With My Medication?
Yes. Did you know far infrared gloves are an excellent arthritis therapy
suitable even for long term care? Arthritic gloves for pain in hands,
finger joints and wrist pain are an excellent hand treatment specially developed
to assist relieve the symptoms associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia symptoms,
tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Thermomedic far infrared fibre-blend
cotton gloves naturally assist to maintain finger joint mobility and improve
circulation to reduce symptoms associated with arthritis in the hand. Far
infrared gloves for arthritis are a safe adjunct to prescribed medications and
can help reduce your dependence upon pain killers. Many doctors and
physiotherapists recommend their patients use Thermomedic infrared gloves to
relieve pain in hands.

Learn to Understand and Treat your Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain
Doctors recommend you try to recognize the difference between experiencing
general discomfort associated with rheumatoid arthritis and pain from overuse
or strain in a joint. As well as using gentle, therapeutic arthritis gloves to relieve
thumb joint pain, avoid repeating strenuous movements and aim to modify the
task, too. Pain that lasts more than an hour after an activity may indicate that
the activity was too stressful. Clinical trials indicate that you're more likely to
damage your joints when they're already painful and swollen. Thermomedics
fibre-blend cotton gloves with far infrared are comfortable to wear day or night.  
To ease sore, cold hands wear these all-natural, far infrared therapy gloves
when performing tasks, such as typing or to bed at night to help you enjoy your
busy life...pain free!

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