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Sports Injury and Prevention

How Can I Prevent Sports Injury? Thermomedic compressive joint supports and therapy garments Natural Therapies For Sports Injury

How Can I Prevent Sports Injury?
It’s so frustrating when you’re suffering with injury but it's vital that you allow
sports injuries, such as sprains, strains and bruises to heal properly before you
get active again. Sports injury is frequently caused by trauma to soft tissue,
such as direct impact with the ground or other players. However, injury can also
happen if joints are forced out of position causing sprain.

Some injuries can develop over time, due to over-use of a muscle or joint.
Frequently the result of poor technique or the use of poorly designed footwear
or equipment. Tendonitis can sometimes be caused by activities that put
repetitive strain on your tendons, including running, jumping, or weight lifting.

Stress fractures can be caused by the constant concussion of running or
playing on hard surfaces which most often injures the bones of in your legs or

Similarly, high impact activities and over-training can cause shin splints, as can
wearing ill-fitting running shoes, running with poor technique or suffering with
flat feet. Sporting pain may also be caused by the stress reaction of muscles
and tendons in your leg leading to pain and inflammation.

What Are The Benefits Of Thermal Therapy?
Thermal therapy has been traditionally used for its natural analgesic and anti-
inflammatory properties. Gentle heat provides soothing relief for
musculoskeletal complaints, such as tendinitis, muscle pain, joint stiffness and
decreased mobility.  Heat treatment also assists with the relief of muscle cramps
and spasms, most important for optimum sporting performance. Thermal
therapy has natural
anti-inflammatory properties and helps to reduce
cartilage wear and tear or damage often caused by strenuous exercise.

Recommended By Physiotherapists and Sports Specialists
In fact, natural therapists and sports physiotherapists recommend far infrared
heat treatment to ease pain and enhance circulation for improved healing of
fractures, tendonitis and other sports injuries.

Athletes of all ages and levels, including people who exercise for good health
can suffer at some time from a range of common sports injuries.

As increasing numbers of us get active so that we can enjoy all of the positive
health benefits exercise offers, we’re discovering that these benefits can come
at a price. Sport injury can be a serious issue for those of us who overdo it or
who don't properly train or warm up.

How Can I Prevent Sports Injury?
Luckily, most sports injuries can be treated effectively with thermal therapy
helping athletes get back into the game after an injury. Even better news is that
the risk of sport injuries can be avoided with just a few proper precautions.

Thermomedic compression joint supports and therapy garments offer effective,
safe and affordable treatment options for common sporting injuries as well as
assisting with injury prevention. Thermomedic Therapy Garments are suitable
for everyone suffering sporting injury or who is physically active and wants to
prevent the pain and discomfort of sports injuries.

The benefits of using compression joint supports include correct joint alignment,
improved circulation to prevent muscle ache and assist with warm-up and
training sessions to reduce the risk of strain and injury.




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