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Tendonitis Pain Relief

What is Tendonitis? What is tendinitis? Therapy Braces and Compression Orthopedic Joint SupportsTendonitis Causing You Pain? Do You Find It Difficult
To Exercise With Tendinitis?

Thermomedic Therapy Garments Can Help Prevent
Painful Tendonitis.

What is Tendonitis?
Tendonitis (or tendinitis) is inflammation of the tendon. If the normal,
smooth gliding motion of your tendon is impaired, for one of a variety of
reasons, then the tendon can become inflamed, making movement  
painful. When inflamed, the action of using the associated muscle can
become irritating. Thermomedic Therapy Braces and compression
garments offer the dual therapeutic value of mild compression and the
soothing warmth of bio-ceramic earth minerals to ease inflamed tendonitis.

What Are Tendons?
Tendons are tough, flexible bands of fibrous tissue which connects the
muscles to the bones in your body. These skeletal muscles are
responsible for moving your bones which enable you to  walk, run and play
sport. Bones move when a muscle in your body contracts. Tendons are
the structure that transmits the force of these muscle contractions to the

Tendons come in different shapes and sizes. Some tendons are very
small, such as the ones that allow you to  move your fingers, while others
are much larger, for example, the Achilles tendon in the heel of your foot.
When healthy, these tendons are able to glide easily and smoothly as the
muscle contracts.

What Causes Tendonitis?
The most common cause of tendonitis is overuse. If you begin a new
exercise program, or suddenly increase your level of exercise or physical
work-load you may begin to experience symptoms of tendonitis. This new
level of physical exertion can cause inflammation or tendonitis.

Age-related changes to the tendon is another common cause of tendonitis.
As we age, our tendons loose their elasticity and hence the ability to glide
smoothly. What causes these age-related changes is not entirely
understood by doctors, but they may be due to changes in the blood
vessels that supply nutrition to the tendons.

In some instances, there may be an anatomical cause for tendonitis.
Thermomedic Therapy Garments can assist to relieve the pain of
tendonitis while providing soothing, supportive comfort to inflamed areas.

How Can Thermomedic Therapy Garments Help Prevent
The excellent thermal qualities of Thermomedic far infrared textiles assist
to gently and safely warm and stretch vulnerable tendons and muscles,
therefore reducing the risk of strain and damage during physical activity.
Far infrared thermal energy is the soothing warmth you feel on your skin
when you step out into the sun. Not to be confused with ultra violet, FIR
does not cause sun damage, age spots or melanoma.

Thermomedic Therapy Garments provide effective medium level
compression to limbs, ankles and joints making them ideal sporting aids for
athletes of all disciplines during their vital warm-up and cooling-down
sessions. The four way stretch knee, elbow, wrist and ankle braces gently
support joints, tendons and muscles to enhance the body's natural ability
to build and aid the recovery of muscle tissue.

Stretching those muscles that were particularly active during physical
activity helps them to relax. Research shows stretching is highly effective
after exercise when your muscles and other tissues are warm and flexible.
Thermomedic Therapy Gloves  Therapy Socks and Sports Supports help
athletes of all ability levels maintain and improve their overall muscle and
joint flexibility. It is the gentle, warming support provided by Thermomedic
Therapy Garments that significantly helps reduce the risk of

Thermomedic Therapy Garments are the specialists in orthopaedic sports
supports and braces.

How Can Thermomedic Therapy Garments Help Relieve the
Pain Of Tendonitis?
The soothing thermal healing of far infrared helps improve circulation to
reduce inflammation associated with tendinitis. When inflammation is
reduced, blood flows more easily to the traumatized area, therefore easing
your pain and assisting healing.

THERMOMEDIC Therapy Garments can help alleviate the
symptoms of
. They are a safe and effective aid in the rehabilitation and
treatment of painful muscles, wrist pain and inflamed or damaged tendons
resulting from tendonitis. Made from scientifically-advanced bio-ceramic
textiles, Thermomedic gloves for arthritis, braces and joint supports are
non-toxic, gentle and effective. Their gentle, warming support helps sooth
inflamed tendons and painful muscles, allowing you to enjoy an active life.

When investing in your health and wellbeing with far infrared health care
garments, it is so important to choose products that will really deliver the
results you want, as comfortably, safely and effectively as possible. Good
health is about quality and value that you can trust!





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