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Testimonials For Thermomedic Therapy Garments

Joint Supports with Far Infrared Therapy For Sore Ankles From ThermomedicTestimonials From Our Satisfied Customers
We have included a selection of feed-back we have received from satisfied users of Thermomedic Therapy Clothes and arthritis treatment products.

Please feel free to send us your feed-back too. We are happy to include photos too!

"Dear Eli...

I received my order today, thank you.

I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet and in my finger tips, as a souvenir of chemotherapy. The best my oncologist could give me was, "it will get better." Frankly, two months in, as it worsened, I was not hopeful that was true. Walking was really difficult and painful and required great focus and concentration because I literally couldn't feel the ground under my feet.

I read your FAQ and decided to chance buying the socks. Here's raising a glass to truth in advertising.

In under an hour, my feet were warm - for the first time in months. That was relief on its' own ..... I am  so grateful for the immediate improvement. This is the best my feet have felt for so long that it seems a miracle.

If this is how well infrared socks do in a few hours, I certainly feel much more hopeful about the weeks ahead. I would whole-hardheartedly recommend these socks to anyone.

Thank you so much for a product that does exactly what it claims to do."

Linda J
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada


“ with the pain of osteoarthritis in my hands and finger joints has
been really hard. I just can't believe how much better my hands feel now I'm
wearing your arthritis gloves to bed every night..... even here in NZ with our
cold weather I can use my hands without all that pain...... ”

Iveta Simms.
Auckland, New Zealand.

“I have always enjoyed knitting but suffer terribly from Raynaud's Disease. Last year my doctor suggested I try your raynauds gloves and now I can happily knit all day without cold, aching fingers and joints. I have to say I'm so pleased that I now recommend Thermomedic to everyone.....”

Ruth Amos.
Quebec, Canada


“I love to garden but my arthritis made it hard for me to bend or to carry out many tasks but now that I have discovered Thermomedic Therapeutic arthritis products I am able to enjoy my gardening again. Thank-you Thermomedic .”

Glen D.

Woy Woy, NSW



"...a horse riding accident when I was younger left me with a bad back. After trying everything on the market without any real pain relief, I finally discovered Thermomedic Therapy Back Support. It's the one product that has truly helped me lead a normal active life style. I am now back into sport and running again after having my family and just wanted you to know how good it feels to not have to live with back pain. Thanks...."

Annie C.

Amersham Bucks, UK



“I love your therapy clothes! You have a better selection of far infrared

therapy garments than any one else. I only wish you were around years ago, since I’ve been suffering from arthritis pain for twenty years now......and they're such good value, too!”

J. K.

Tempe, NSW.



"The gentle healing warmth and support of Thermomedic Therapy Garments fixed my sore ankle when nothing else worked. I feel that regular use of your socks has improved my dancing since my pharmacist recommended them several months ago. A follow-up appointment with my doctor confirmed my commitment to alternative therapy as there was a considerable reduction in the edema.

I am completely satisfied that Thermomedic's health care products have significantly improved the quality of my life. I now recommend Thermomedic Therapy Garments to all my friends......"

Chris A.

Perth, WA



My fingers, knuckles and hands really throbbed, I found it impossible to sleep through the night with the pain. Since I have been wearing Thermomedic Therapy gloves my Carpal Tunnel pain has gone, but if I over work myself, I also team it with their far infrared wrist support. I can really feel the difference.

Now I can enjoy a full night's sleep every night. I call them my little miracle gloves!"

Gillian W.

Christchurch, N.Z.



Far Infrared Knee Supports and Knee Braces from Thermomedic


Want Pain Relief?
Do you suffer from painful arthritis, raynaud's disease or throbbing carpal
tunnel syndrome? Are you restricted by pain and stiffness in your joints?
Were you injured playing sport? If you suffer from these or many other
conditions THERMOMEDIC thermal t
herapy garments can assist to:

~ Sooth painful joints and sports injuries
~ Improve circulation by offering warmth for cold hands and feet
~ Ease muscle pain and joint stiffness
~ Diminish inflammation and muscle soreness
~ Reduce odour and bacteria
~ Relieve arthritic pain
~ Prevent sports injury, tendonitis and strain
~ Provide warmth and comforting support for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



 Where Can I Buy Thermomedic Therapy Garments?



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