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Therapy Gloves

Far Infrared Therapy Gloves and Compression Palm Supports From ThermomedicFar Infrared Therapy Gloves... The New Treatment for Sore, Painful Hands & Wrists That You Can Wear Anytime!

Suffer sore, throbbing hands, cold, white fingers or
stiff, aching finger joints? Do you wake up in the
morning with thumb joint pain, your hands tingling,
feeling thick, heavy or stiff? And do your symptoms
ease once you flex your fingers, warm or move your

Your doctor says you may have carpal tunnel syndrome, however,
medical tests show little or no slowing of nerve conduction. Or it could be
that you have
bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis or Raynaud’s
? No matter what medical condition you have you just need
to know what new pain relief treatments are available to relieve your
symptoms so you can get back to enjoying your full and active lifestyle! So
here’s some great news.



An effective, Simple Treatment to Ease My Pain
Yes, thanks to micro-fibre technology, therapeutic thermo-textiles can help
ease the discomfort associated with wrist and hand pain. A simple, highly
effective treatment all you need to do is to wear these therapy gloves to
bed at night. Carpal tunnel affected patients will find
that their hands and wrists feel significantly better when they have been
kept warm and gently supported during their sleep. When you wake in the
morning you feel a noticeable improvement in how your hands and wrists
feel. The difference is obvious; in fact, you have slept comfortably through
the night without pain waking you.






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