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What Are Far Infrared Saunas?

Thermomedic Far Infrared Therapy Treatment For Diabetes and Arthritis Pain With Free DeliveryFar Infrared Therapy, Safe, Soothing Healing Treatment
for Painful Joints, Sore Muscles, Stiffness & Discomfort
Caused By Arthritis, Raynaud's Phenomenon, Carpal
Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis & Sporting Injury

Seeking a safe, soothing and effective treatment for the rehabilitation of
painful muscles, sore joints and damaged ligaments or tendons resulting
from injury, disease or general wear and tear? Unlike a far infrared sauna, Thermomedic
Therapy Garments do not require a power source, so you can wear them any
time you please!

How Can THERMOMEDIC Garments Help Me?
Do you suffer from painful arthritis? What are the best
arthritis treatments?
Are you restricted by pain and stiffness in your joints? Were you injured
playing sport? If you suffer from these or many other conditions
therapy clothes and FIR orthopaedic supports can:

~ Sooth painful joints and sports injuries
~ Improve circulation for enhanced natural healing
~ Ease muscle pain and stiffness
~ Diminish inflammation, edema and soreness
~ Prevent unpleasant odour and bacteria
~ Gently help relieve arthritis pain and joint damage
~ Prevent sports injury, muscle damage and strain
~ Warm and support painful Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
~ Provide compressive joint support for reduced risk of re-injury
~ Assist with the relief of tendonitis, RSI and Bursitis.

How Can I Get My Therapy Clothes & Therapy Gloves?
You can get your orthopaedic joint supports & far infrared therapy clothes
delivered to your door without the inconvenience & expense of visiting a shop
or clinic. Thermomedic continues to research, refine and improve these
medical breakthrough, that's peace of mind you can trust!

Why Are Thermomedic FIR Therapy Garments The Best For Me?
Active Bio-ceramic Elements
THERMOMEDIC Thermal Therapy Garments have the highest content of the
active Bio-ceramic elements which most effectively assist your body to heal
while offering support and relief from the discomfort of pain and injury.

Far Infrared Functional Fit
Thermomedic far infrared therapy orthopaedic clothes, gloves and diabetic
socks are specifically designed to offer you a range of therapeutic options in
sizes to suit your individual need. Thermomedic 3-way stretch elbow, ankle
and knee elasticised supports offer medium compression for additional
comfort and therapeutic value. Lower back supports are compression and
fully-adjustable and our vests offer a comfortable loose fit.

Magnetic Therapy
Our FIR Therapy arthritis pain relief garments for joint, limb and muscle pain
and our Lower Back Supports incorporate beneficial embedded magnetic
layers as an additional therapeutic aid in the relief of pain, joint and muscle
soreness. Thermomedic
Therapy Socks incorporate negative ion technology,
fast becoming recognized by elite athletes as an effective, natural aid to
enhance sports performance while preventing sports injuries.

Breathable, Far Infrared Fibres
Thermomedic far infrared clothes and orthopaedic supports only use
premium-quality cotton, cotton-blend and FIR fibres which allow your skin to
breath naturally, therefore, avoiding the risk of rashes and skin irritations
caused by perspiration and over-heating. Comfort is a particularly important
health care issue if you require long term therapy or have sensitive, delicate

Comfortable Styling
Thermomedic far infrared therapy clothes are styled to ensure maximum
comfort while they help your body heal itself. Easily worn under your normal
clothes, day or night, thermal gloves, support socks and therapy clothes are
the ideal health care choice.

Quality Control
Thermomedic therapeutic garments conform to the highest standards of
quality control during all manufacturing and handling processes.

Peace of Mind 100% Guarantee
Thermomedic Therapy Garments offer a full, money-back guarantee should
any of our products not be suitable.

Therapy Gloves for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Thermomedic FIR Healing Gloves offer natural, soothing comfort for stiff,
arthritic finger joints, sore aching hands and sharp carpel tunnel pain in your
hands and wrists. Thermomedic Therapy  Gloves with far infrared cotton-
blend fibre allows your skin to breath naturally which prevents skin irritation.
Thermomedic Medical Gloves are ideal for fragile, delicate or sensitive skin,
particularly for elderly hands. FIR therapy gloves are also available in silky-
soft half and full finger styles for maximum therapeutic benefit. Thermomedic
arthritis treatments include back supports, therapy
gloves and FIR support

Far Infrared Therapy Treatments
Made from scientifically-advanced Bio-ceramic textiles, Thermomedic
orthopaedic body supports, braces and functional garments are non-toxic,
gentle and effective.

Using the scientific principles of far infrared thermal energy, THERMOMEDIC
Thermal Therapy Garments are the result of technically-advanced
Nanotechnology incorporating new materials-science together with the latest
developments in textile spinning and weaving engineering. Thermomedic
Therapy Garments, orthopaedic supports and compressive socks are
designed and manufactured to exacting specifications for your benefit.

Understanding Bio-Ceramic Thermal Therapy
All tissue in the human body requires blood to survive. This process is called
Angiogenesis - the growth of new blood vessels. Under normal healthy
conditions, new vessels grow to restore blood to damaged tissue.

In the case of disease and injury, however, the adequate growth of these
healing blood vessels can be inhibited. Thermomedic Therapy Garments use
the scientific principles of far infrared thermal technology as a non-toxic, non-
invasive therapy that may assist to enhance the blood supply that your body’s
cellular tissue requires to restore normal biologic function.

Far Infrared Therapy - Safe, Natural Healing For You
Clinical trials show that our skin absorbs far infrared thermal energy to
naturally improve blood circulation for anti-inflammatory and analgesic

The bio-ceramic minerals woven into Thermomedic's fibres during the
manufacturing process similarly enhances our natural body heat to provide
the same soothing, therapeutic benefits of FIR thermal therapy for safe and
effective relief of pain, sore muscle, stiff joints and improved post-operative
healing. Just like the warmth of our sun, fir
heated gloves and heated
are safe and soothing so you can feel better! Thermomedic treatments
for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis help you get on with your life!

Thermomedic Far Infrared Therapy
When investing in your health and wellbeing with far infrared health care
garments, it is so important to choose therapy products that will really deliver
the results you want, as comfortably, safely and effectively as possible. Good
health is not about market share - it’s about quality and value that you can





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