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What Causes Back Pain?

What Causes Back Pain? Ease lumbar pain for improved spinal flexibility, hip joint mobilityWhat Causes Back Pain?

Did you know four out of five adults will experience
significant lower back pain at some stage throughout their

This number is not too surprising, considering the amount of stress you
place on your back as you move, exercise and work. Your spine not only
supports the weight of your body during everyday activities, such as
standing, walking around and lifting things, but also when you turn, twist
or bend.

Spinal movement is influenced by the strength, flexibility and correct
alignment of various parts of your body. This means that seemingly
simple movements, such as your posture or the way you sit can adversely
affect your back, even to the point of causing you discomfort, pain or

Back pain may be caused by sporting injuries, accidental falls, general
wear and tear as part of the aging process, poor posture or the onset of
some degenerative joint diseases.

Back pain and musculo-skeletal conditions are a national health priority,
mostly because the prevalence and attendant costs of these conditions
are extremely high.  Did you know persisting symptoms caused by back
pain affects almost 20% of Australians?

How Can Thermomedic Help Ease Back Pain?
If you suffer with persistent back pain, getting accurate information from
your physiotherapist or doctor is the first part of your treatment plan.
Thermomedic Therapy Garments is an ideal choice to provide you with
safe, effective thermal therapy options to naturally treat your back pain.
Thermomedic is Australia's number one for bio-ceramic
joint supports
and therapy garments for orthopedic care and rehabilitative medicine.

Thermomedic therapy back support
emits mild to strong warmth
directly to the injured area
for relaxing and effective
non-pharmaceutical pain relief. The adjustable compressive therapy
brace improves posture for better joint alignment to assist healing and
reduce the risk of re-injury.

The amount of warmth can be increased by dampening the skin around
the affected area, to intensify the thermal therapy for increased
therapeutic benefit. You may choose to start FIR therapy for 10 to 15
minutes to begin with and gradually increase therapy sessions to suit
your individual needs.

Thermomedic Therapy Garments are recommended by leading
orthopedic surgeons for safe, effective back pain relief and as the ideal
adjunct to prescription medications.

Thermal back braces and hip support underwear are most effective and
may even reduce your reliance upon pain-relieving drugs. This makes
Thermomedic joint supports suitable for long-term therapeutic treatment
chronic back pain. Increasingly, sufferers of spinal injuries and back
pain seek symptom relief with far infrared alternative therapies and when
combined with gentle exercise, physiotherapy and rest, you may even be
able to avoid invasive surgical treatments.  

Natural Far Infrared Treatment for Back Pain
Sometimes it may be difficult to diagnose the exact cause of your back
pain because many different structures can be affected. However,
generally back pain does not need to have the exact cause identified
when medical attention is not required. In The States, for example only
about 6% of people with back pain require intensive care or surgery.

Generally, with appropriate spinal care and bed rest, about 90% of back
pain problems heal with little or no medical intervention. As long as you
do not suffer with a more serious, underlying condition you can relieve
back pain gently and safely with thermal therapy treatments.

If you suffer with severe back pain or it is accompanied by numbness, or
tingling that radiates into the buttocks or legs a visit to your doctor is

Generally, back pain caused by muscle injury will heal in about six to
eight weeks with appropriate rest and care. Back pain treatment with
Thermomedic compressive back support is effective and most affordable,
even for long term therapy. For complete peace of mind you can choose
Thermomedic Therapy Garments for gentle, safe and natural back pain





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