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What Is Bursitis?

What Is Bursitis? Can Far Infrared Therapy Vest Help My Bursitis Pain?What Is Bursitis?

Do You Suffer With Bursitis Pain? Are Your Shoulders, Back or Neck Causing You Pain, Feel Stiff or Are Inflamed?

If you suffer with bursitis shoulder soreness, hip
pain or elbow joint pain then Thermomedic Therapy
TM with natural, safe and effective far
infrared treatment can help you get back into
enjoying life again!

So What Is Bursitis?
Bursitis is a painful condition that affects the small, fluid-filled pads, called
bursae that cushions your bones, muscles and the tendons near your
joints. Bursitis pain occurs when these bursae become inflamed.

Generally, bursitis effects the shoulder, elbow or hips. However, bursitis
can also affect your knee, heel or the base of the big toe. Bursitis often
occurs near joints that perform frequent repetitive motion.

What Are The Symptoms of Bursitis?
Bursa are normally very thin protective pads, however, too much friction
can cause inflammation and irritation. This causes the bursa to thicken
and produce fluid to create more protective cushioning. The damaged
bursa change from being very thin and tissue-like to thick and lumpy, like
corrugated cardboard. The bursa can be very large if a lot of fluid is

While bursa are present all over the body, the most common areas where
inflammation or irritation occurs are at the elbow, the knee and the

Lifestyle and Natural Treatment For Bursitis
Treatment typically involves resting the affected joint and protecting it
from further trauma. In most cases, bursitis pain goes away within a few
weeks with proper treatment, but recurrent flare-ups of bursitis are
common. There are some simple measures you can follow at home to
help relieve the pain of bursitis. These include:

~ Rest and immobilize the affected area
~ Use compressive far infrared therapy joint supports to provide correct
joint alignment, ease swelling, relieve pain and reduce inflammation
~ Avoid elbow pressure by not placing your weight on your elbows
~ Do not over-stress your joints

What Causes Bursitis?
Bursitis is usually caused by too much stress on the bursa. Generally,
bursal irritation can be divided into three types.

The first, known as chronic bursitis, may be due to a variety of causes.
The most common cause which develops over time is due to repetitive
irritation of the bursa. Most sufferers have no predisposing problems and
the inflammation occurs for no obvious reason. Sometimes this type of
bursal swelling can be seen in people who suffer with gout, diabetes or
rheumatoid arthritis.

The second type is called infected bursitis is more serious since, the
bursa becomes infected with bacteria.

The third type is called traumatic bursitis or acute traumatic bursitis. It is
the least common type of bursitis and generally suffered by sports
people. The two main causes of traumatic bursitis is repetitive rubbing of
a joint against a hard surface or from too much bending of the joint.

What Are the Symptoms of Bursitis?
The symptoms of bursitis can depend on the severity of the
inflammation and the type of bursitis you suffer with. In chronic bursitis
swelling is the most obvious symptom. Patients suffering with bursal
swelling usually feel warmth and pain without being infected.

In infected bursitis patients usually suffer excessive warmth at the site of
the inflamed bursa, tenderness, pain and fever. The swelling and redness
may spread  up or down the arm in bursitis of the shoulder or elbow, for

Traumatic bursitis usually occur after a specific event, such as when a
football player hits their elbow on hard ground. The affected area may be
tender, warm, swollen and accompanied by bruising.

How Can I Tell Which Type of Bursitis I Have?
Your symptoms generally indicate which type of bursitis you suffer with.
Chronic bursitis presents with swelling, redness, inflammation, fever and
pain. Resting the afflicted joint and using Thermomedic Therapy
Garments can help ease these symptoms when they appear. Types of
bursitis can include:
~ olecranon bursitis,
~ hip bursitis
~ elbow bursitis
~ shoulder bursitis
~ trochanteric bursitis

What Is the Best Natural Treatment for Chronic Bursitis Pain?
The best bursitis treatment will depend on the type of bursitis you
suffer with. Chronic bursitis is treated by rest or even the immobilization of
the affected part. Non-pharmaceutical bursitis treatments include the
protective use of compressive far infrared knee and elbow supports for
natural anti-inflammatory care.

It's important to note that for some people, injecting steroids into inflamed
bursa can cause unpleasant side effects, such as infection, skin atrophy
or chronic pain.

Physiotherapists recommend the best treatment for bursal inflammation is
rest and the use of compressive far infrared thermal joint supports which
are most beneficial for their anti-inflammatory benefits to help reduce
swelling and inflammation for better healing and soothing pain relief.

What Can I Do If Bursitis Symptoms Don’t Improve?
Symptoms of bursitis generally improve if you take care to treat it
correctly. If you do not feel improvement, you may need to consult with
your doctor.

When Is Surgery Indicated For Bursitis Pain?
Surgery is rarely needed to treat bursitis and is usually done only in the
chronic cases.

What Is The Best Bursitis Hip Treatment?
Thermomedics far infrared hip support underwear available in both men's
and ladies styles are a gentle, effective treatment for hip bursitis pain. Hip
support underwear help retain the correct position of surgical dressings,

Do You Suffer With Painful Bursitis in the Shoulder?
Did you know bursitis pain can also occur in your shoulder? Doctors may
also refer to bursitis of the shoulder as rotator cuff tendinitis or biceps
tendinitis. Safe effective bursitis shoulder treatment with far infrared
therapy vest eases
bursitis shoulder pain, enhances joint mobility and
reduces your reliance upon medication. Far infrared therapy is a safe
and non-medicated
bursitis shoulder treatment you can use day or

Bursitis Foot Treatment
Thermomedic therapy socks gently soothe bursitis foot pain to improve
circulation and prevent smelly feet for enhanced foot health.

While there is no bursitis cure, far infrared therapy is a safe, effective and
non-pharmaceutical treatment for your complete peace of mind.





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