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What Is Negative Ion Therapy?

How Can Negative Ion Therapy Help Enhance Sports Performance?How Can Negative Ion Technology Assist Me?
In nature, negative ions are required to sustain life. It seems that when
humans lack access to negative ions, their body chemistry changes.
Scientists believe that these changes can lead to health problems
associated with depression, allergy, pain, physical fatigue and anxiety. This
is why we always feel good after a day at the beach or a trek through the

Negative ions, containing an extra electron, are created naturally by the
sun, wind, and moving water. Clinical trials have shown a connection
between negative ions and mood, suggesting that oxygenation of the blood
is enhanced in highly ionized environments. Negative ion therapy may
alleviate symptoms associated with depressive episodes.

Elite athletes are discovering the benefits of wearing negative ion clothing
for a naturally enhanced sporting performance. Thermomedic FIR negative
ion Socks offer you optimum performance and well-being in a safe
convenient pack!

Thermomedic Far Infrared Therapy Socks assist to naturally improve the
health of users through the use of Negative Ion technology.

Far infrared technology draws, in part, upon the scientific research
conducted by NASA's Office of Biological and Physical Research. Their
studies into bio-technology have been crucial to the creation of enhanced
natural therapies which offer effective treatment without undue side-effects
or medication. It is these scientific investigations that have developed our
understanding of physiological processes, giving us valuable insights into
human health issues.

Thermomedic's unparalleled quality of materials and manufacturing
processes aim to improve the health of pain sufferers regardless of age or
location, using completely natural therapies.

Thermomedic FIR Therapy Socks Uses Negative Ion
Technology to help Sports People and Athletes:
~ Maintain overall good health
~ Naturally enhance sporting performance
~ Relieve pain and muscle soreness.
~ Help regulate your body's immune system.
~ Assist to rejuvenate the body's cells.
~ Stimulate cell metabolism to improve localized circulation.
~ Improve mental focus and attention by alleviating pain.
~ Reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and depression resulting
from pain and discomfort.

How Can THERMOMEDIC Compression Socks Help Me?
Do you suffer from painful arthritis in the feet? Are you restricted by foot
pain and joint stiffness when you walk? Is odour and perspiration causing
discomfort and embarrassment? If you suffer from these or many other
conditions THERMOMEDIC FIR Therapy Socks can assist to:

~ Sooth painful ankle joints and foot injuries
~ Improve circulation and warm cold toes
~ Ease muscle pain and joint stiffness
~ Diminish inflammation in feet and ankles
~ Reduce odour and bacteria
~ Relieve arthritic joint pain
~ Prevent sports injury and strain during warm-up
~ Can help relieve symptoms of neuro-pathic foot pain for Diabetics

Why Are THERMOMEDIC Therapy Socks The Best For Me?
Active Bio-ceramic Elements
THERMOMEDIC Far Infrared Socks have a very high content of the active
Bio-ceramic elements to assist your body to heal while offering support and
relief from the discomfort of pain and injury.

Functional Fit
Thermomedic Therapy Socks are available in 3 sizes to suit your individual
needs. Thermomedic stretch ladies and men's socks offer medium
compression for additional comfort and therapeutic value.

Negative Ion Therapy
Our FIR Therapy Socks incorporate beneficial negative ion therapy as an
additional therapeutic aid in the relief of foot and ankle pain. Negative ion
technology is fast becoming recognized by elite  athletes as an effective,
natural aid to enhancing sports performance.

Comfortable Styling
Thermomedic have styled their therapy socks to ensure maximum comfort
while they help support your feet and ankles. They can easily be worn day
and night.

Quality Control
Thermomedic therapeutic products conform to the highest standards of
quality control during all manufacturing and handling processes.

Peace of Mind Guarantee
Thermomedic Therapy Garments offer you a full, money-back guarantee
should any of our products not be suitable.

It is important to remember when investing in your good health, it is vital to
choose FIR products that will really deliver the benefits you need,
comfortably, safely and effectively. Your good health is about quality and
value that you can trust.





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