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What Is The Best Treatment For Raynauds Disease?

What Is The Best Treatment For Raynaud's Disease?What Is The Best Treatment For Raynaud's Disease?

What Is Raynaud's Disease?
Raynaud's Disease is a problem in which the arteries that carry blood to
your fingers spasm and sometimes become twitchy in response to the
cold. In most people, this is a normal physiological response of your body
trying to regulate blood flow. Raynaud's disease occurs in about 3% of
young women. Fortunately for most sufferers, Raynaud's rarely causes
serious long term problems, except discomfort. However, when Raynauds
occurs in people over the age of 35 or in men, it may often be associated
with a rheumatic illness, such as lupus.

How Can ThermomedicTM Raynauds Gloves Help Me?
Thermomedic raynaud's gloves benefit  patients with primary and
secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon. The main benefit of this natural
therapy for you over currently available treatments is the no-risk side
effects, such as headache and light headedness, which can occur with
many prescription medications. Highly effective, Thermomedic far infrared
therapy gloves for raynauds are a very safe, soothing treatment option,
even for long term care, making them the ideal choice as an adjunct
therapy, too.

Raynaud's disease is an uncomfortable condition that usually affects your
feet, hands, nose and ears. Raynauds disease causes super-sensitivity
to the changes in temperature, particularly cold temperatures. Symptoms
of raynaud's disorder can include pain, numbing and tingling in your
fingers, arms and legs, as well as the unpleasant discoloring of the skin.
Fingers often go numb if they are too cold.

Are There Any Safe Raynaud's Treatments?
Fortunately, there is a safe and effective natural healing treatment that
you can use to get immediate relief from your Raynaud's Disease. Far
infrared thermal gloves are highly effective to ease the discomfort of
Raynauds and to improve circulation in your hands and fingers.
Raynaud's gloves warm up your fingers for fast, natural pain relief. Poor
circulation can also be eased by wiggling and stretching your fingers to
help to get blood flowing. Gently massaging your fingers is another way
to promote correct blood flow. Use infrared-heated therapy gloves to treat
your tingling and cold fingers during computer use and at night to assist
with sleep.

Ways To Help Control Your Raynaud's Include:
Keeping your emotions and stress levels under control  to prevent
triggering the symptoms of Raynaud's disease. Smoking can irritate
Raynaud's and intensify the symptoms associated with it. Massage helps
promote good circulation. Exercise most days to promote circulation

What Causes Numbness?
Numbness in a body part is typically caused by a lack of circulation, which
reduces normal blood supply. The body part, such as your fingers, will
then begin to tingle or go numb. This is your body warning you that
something is wrong. Fingers that go numb often and for long periods of
time can be signs of something more serious, such as carpal tunnel or
Raynaud's disease.





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