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What Is The Best Treatment for Shin Splints?

What Is The Best Treatment for Shin Splints? How Is Heat Treatment Beneficial ?Are You a Professional Athlete?
                               Take Your Sport Seriously?
Can't Afford Injury, Time Off Training Or To
                                                              Miss A Game?

Then you know the importance of staying fit and ensuring you use the right
gear to keep you up on top.  

Avoiding pain, injury and joint damage is vital for professional athletes of all
ages and in all sporting disciplines.

Ensuring peak performance, enhancing your endurance and avoiding pain,
injury or even, permanent joint damage is top priority. So, what are the best
joint supports, braces and performance wear options for you?

What Are Common Injuries For Elite Athletes?
Shin splints, causing pain along or just behind your shinbone or tibia, occur
during physical activity where too much force is placed on your shinbone and
the connective tissues that attach your muscles to the bone. Shin splints are
most common in runners and in sportsmen and sportswomen who participate in
activities with sudden stops and starts, including basketball, soccer or tennis.

How Can I Prevent Shin Splints?
You can help reduce your risk of developing shin splints by:

~ Wearing sports shoes with cushioned support for your feet to absorb the
impact when you’re running or playing sport

~ Wear far infrared therapy socks to help ease pain, reduce inflammation,
improve circulation and ensure optimum healing following injury.

~ Using compressive joint supports to assist to maintain correct joint alignment
for better balance and improved muscle strength to avoid long term pain and
joint damage

~ Train and exercise on soft surfaces such as grass if possible and avoid
running on hard surfaces..

~ If you suffer an injury then resume your sporting activities slowly to avoid the
risk of re-injury

Far Infrared therapy for shin splint injury is vital to hasten the healing process,
ensure an optimal outcome and reduce the risk of recurrence. Far infrared
compression treatment may also assist with deep tissue healing, muscle repair,
bio-mechanical correction and enhanced joint mobility.

How Is Heat Treatment Beneficial For Me?
Heat treatment increases blood flow to the affected area. Thermal therapy is
beneficial after the inflammatory phase of an injury, since more blood flow
means more nutrients and oxygen are transported to damaged tissue,
therefore speeding healing. Heat can also help to reduce pain and muscle
spasm as well as reduce muscle tightness and joint stiffness.

At Thermomedic Therapy Garments, we focus on providing exceptional pain
relief choices for our customer's, worldwide. We offer a range of effective, non-
pharmaceutical therapy garments, so you can be assured of high quality care.

We work hard to ensure that your natural therapy treatments are safe,
comfortable and most importantly, as successful as possible to help get you on
top of the game.

What Is The Best Treatment for Shin Splints?
For the immediate treatment of shin splint symptoms, many patients find they
respond well to non-operative treatments, involving rest, muscle strengthening
and gentle stretching exercises, followed by a gradual return to activity after
their symptoms subside.

Compression joint supports can be very effective in assisting with pain relief
and correct joint alignment for better bio-mechanics to avoid re-injury or
symptoms of chronic pain.

Thermomedic joint supports are suitable for you to wear for remedial exercises,
during physio and are non-medicated which means they are safe for you to
wear, even for long term treatment.

Generally, most cases of shin splints can be treated with rest, compression
wear, behaviour modification and other self-care measures. Wearing correct,
well-designed footwear and modifying your exercise routine also help prevent
shin splints from recurring.




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