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What Is The Best Treatment For Symptoms Of Pain?

What Is The Best Treatment For Symptoms Of Pain? Symptoms of pain, swelling and sorenessWhat Are The Top Seven Tips For Improved Pain Relief?

1. Sip Water and Chew Gum
Did you know hormones affect the flow of saliva and one of the
side-effects of some medications and common health conditions,
such as menopause, can be a dry mouth, according to dental
surgeons. The good news is saliva contains substances to help
prevent plaque bacteria, reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum
disease and bad breath.

So, sip water through-out the day and chew gum to stimulate
saliva for better mouth health.

2. Remember Prescription Medication Can Have
While painkillers can help ease symptoms of pain, they can also
cause some unpleasant side effects for many woman. Taking
painkillers for a headache for more than two or three days a week
may leave you with a rebound headache since they can switch off
your body's own natural pain control mechanisms.

You may be interested to know pain can be the result of simple life
style factors. For example, headaches can be caused by missing
meals or poor diet, not drinking enough water, too little sleep, lack
of exercise or stress.

Pain is your body's way of telling you that you're not caring for
yourself. Increasingly, people are seeking pain relief with natural,
non-prescription treatments to ease symptoms of pain and
improve their health for a better life-style.

3. Cut Down On Alcohol & Improve Your Diet
Did you know for some women drinking alcohol in the days before
their period may also affect mood? Avoid alcohol and eat more
fresh fruit and vegetables to help stop mood swings for a better
sense of well-being.

Choosing foods, such as leafy green vegetables, that are rich in
the B vitamins also helps keep your moods better balanced.

4. Get Active To Cut Your Risk of Diabetes
Do you know research shows that if you're too heavy, losing just
five to 10 per cent of your weight can cut your risk of type 2
diabetes by about 60 per cent?

In fact, get active and you can cut your risk even more
dramatically. These changes could help you live longer. Taking a
daily walk is a great way to give you the energy for a busy life-style
while lowering your risk of diabetes. Regular exercise strengthens
your muscles for correct posture which can help prevent injury and

5. Eat Well For The Sake Of Your Bones
Did you know that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables helps prevent
loss of bone mineral by creating a more alkaline environment?

Nutritionists tell us that fruit and vegetables leave a healthy
alkaline residue in your body and it's this that helps your bones
stay strong. Your body likes to keep your blood alkaline but
digestion and high-protein foods, like meat and cheese create
acidity, which causes minerals to be drawn from the bones to
correct alkaline balance. Strong bones helps to  prevent the risk of

6. Try Far Infrared/Negative Ion Treatment For Sore Feet
If you have dry, sensitive skin on your ankles and feet, far infrared
therapy socks are recommended to avoid the risk of rubbing and
to improve circulation, reduce unpleasant odour for enhanced
general foot health, say podiatrists.

Far infrared therapy garments are recommended to ease arthritis
pain and improve joint mobility so you can maintain an
independent, active life-style.

7. Don't Rest An Injury
Yes, it's true! Instead, orthopedic specialists recommend trying a
modified form of your normal exercise to ensure the most rapid
healing. However tempted you are to put your feet up when you
hurt a muscle or tendon, don't. The message is clear, stay active!

So, there it is! 7 tips to help you enjoy an improved sense of
well-being for an healthy and active life.

What Is The Best Treatment For Symptoms Of Pain?
Symptoms of pain, swelling and soreness can be eased with safe,
gentle far infrared therapy treatments for optimum healing without
the risk of unpleasant side effects. Symptom relief with thermal
therapy works by prompting your body to pump blood into the
damaged or injured area to speed up your body's own natural
healing ability, say physiotherapists.

Keep sore joints moving by using compressive joint supports to
prevent stiffness and pain while ensuring correct joint alignment.

Many times, people who live with symptoms of arthritis pain,
muscle ache or sports injury worry that activity may cause more
pain, but in fact, exercise can reduce your pain and improve

Of course we all know how hard it is to be active when you are
suffering with symptoms of pain!

To help ease pain, improve circulation for faster healing and
protect sore injured joints, hands or feet choose Thermomedic
Therapy Garments
TM for affordable, safe and soothing symptom



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