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What Is Type 2 Diabetes?

What Is Type 2 Diabetes? Can Diabetic Socks Help My Neuropathy Pain?Do You Think You Have Diabetes?
Recognising the symptoms of diabetes is vital to delay or
prevent the development of more serious health complications.

Generally, the major symptoms common to both type 1 diabetes
and type 2 diabetes include:

~  urinating more frequently, especially at night
~ increased feelings of thirst
~ feeling extremely tired all the time
~ weight loss
~ cuts and wounds may heal more slowly than usual
~ blurred vision which is caused by the lens of your eyes
becoming dry

These symptoms occur because glucose stays in your blood
and is not used as fuel for energy. As a result, your body tries
to get remove excess glucose in your urine.

How Fast Do Diabetic Symptoms Develop?
For people suffering with type 1 diabetes, diabetic symptoms
may develop very quickly. In fact, diabetes can develop
significantly over the course of just weeks, particularly with
children and adolescents.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms may develop more slowly, frequently
over months or years. Type 2 diabetes can lead on from

Did you know that having a family history of type 1
diabetes increases the chances of developing type 1

What Are The Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes?
Since symptoms may appear gradually, noticing the symptoms
of diabetes Type 2 can be difficult.

In addition to the general symptoms outlined above, symptoms
of type 2 diabetes can include suffering with a dry mouth and
leg pain.

Sometimes people live with type 2 diabetes symptoms for some
years without knowing of their medical condition.

In fact, people living with undiagnosed diabetes may often only
be diagnosed during their routine medical check-up.

Do I Have Hyperglycaemia?
Type 2 diabetes develops when your pancreas, the large gland
behind your stomach, is not able to produce sufficient insulin to
control your blood glucose level or, if your body can't respond
correctly to the insulin that is produced.

As a result of the lack of insulin or your body's inability to
correctly regulate insulin production, your blood glucose levels
can become too high. When this happens, it is called

Hyperglycaemia may develop for a number of reasons, which

~ eating too much food
~ feeling generally unwell
~ ineffective diabetes medication

In fact, hyperglycaemia causes the main symptoms of diabetes.

Is There A Cure For Diabetes?
At the moment there is no cure for diabetes.

However, doctors tell us there are steps you can take to help
you avoid developing diabetes type 2, often called a life-style
disease. These include exercising regularly and eating a
healthy diet.

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