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Why Are My Fingers Cold and Sore?

Raynauds Gloves For Cold, Tingling Fingers and Hands

Why Are My Fingers So Cold, Sore and Tingling?

Do You Know Tingling Fingers Can Be A Symptom of
One of Many Different Health Problems or Conditions?

Often numbness and tingling of the fingers can affect the nerves or blood
vessels that supply your hand. These symptoms are referred to as
paresthesia of the fingers. Medical problems which can cause your fingers to
tingle include diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, nerve injuries, as well as
carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI.

What Causes Tingling Fingers?
Diabetes & Neuropathy
This is a disease where you have an excess amount of glucose in your blood
caused by either a resistance to insulin or a lack of insulin in the body.
Diabetes causes damage to the nerves known as neuropathy and this can
cause a tingling sensation in your hands, fingers toes and feet.

Vitamin B6 Overdose
This is a vital part of our diet and helps the body convert carbohydrates into
energy. But when the amount of Vitamin B6 is too much it can cause nerve
damage or neuropathy. And this can result in tingling of the finger or toes.

Injury & Trauma
Nerve damage can occur because of trauma, for example to your wrist, hand
or shoulder. The nerves can get damaged and trapped by the bone or even
become twisted. Tingling fingers could even be caused by damage to your

Poor Circulation
Tingling in the fingers can be caused by poor circulation or lack of blood in the
fingers. This makes them feel heavy and often cold. If you suffer with poor
circulation then tingling and numbness may occur more regularly.

Dead Arm
A dead arm occurs when you have cut off the circulation by lying on the arm.
Often you wake up in the middle of the night to find your arm lacks sensation
and cannot move the arm.

Multiple Sclerosis
This is a progressive disease of the autoimmune system which attacks the
central nerve system. It can cause damage to nerves and cause loss of
balance, numbness, tingling, dizziness and muscle weakness.

Finger Parasthesia
This causes localised nerves to experience unusual sensations, pains and
spasms. This can be caused by trauma, infection or disease. Distinguishing
between which fingers are tingling is important to help diagnose the problem. If
it is the main fingers it is likely to be a result of a condition such as
tunnel syndrome
. If the tingling occurs in the fourth or fifth finger it may be the
ulnar nerve which runs down your elbow.

Frost bite is tissue or nerve damage caused by freezing. If you are in sub-zero
temperatures and feel tingling in your fingers or toes this could be an early
sign of frostbite.

Relief for Tingling Fingers
Generally, the treatment to relieve tingling fingers depends on the cause of
the tingling sensation. Rest and avoiding actions that inflame your hands and
fingers are the first steps to take. As the condition is treated, the tingling will
often subside.

Far infrared therapy treatment is recommended for gentle, non-medicated
care to help improve circulation for better healing and natural pain relief.  
far infrared medical gloves and wrist supports
can also provide vital
protection to the affected areas since your sensation of touch is often reduced
leading to an increased risk of injury and skin damage.

Any pressure on nerves or blood vessels must be reduced for the tingling to

Recommended treatments to relieve pressure include far infrared therapy. If
the tingling is due to an injury or condition that causes swelling in your arms,
wrists or hands, thermal therapy garments can ease pain and lessen
inflammation to help relieve your numb or tingling fingers.





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