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Wrist Support With Far Infrared Thermotherapy For Fast Pain Relief

Far Infrared Thermal Wrist Supports For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

Suffering With Sore Wrists?

Are you working long hours on your computer, often for days at a time? Has your doctor told you that you may have developed carpal tunnel syndrome or RSI?

Caused by compression of the nerve that passes through the tunnel which is formed by your wrist bones, symptoms may include pain, weakness, finger stiffness and even a pins-and-needles sensation.

Thermomedic Therapy Wrist Supports with magnetic therapy are an effective pain management tool for injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and arthritic wrist joints.

Thermomedic's Therapy Wrist Brace is designed to aid with symptom control of pain, swelling and stiffness by providing joint protection, improved localized circulation and soothing warmth.

Are ThermomedicTM Wrist Supports Suitable For Rehabilitation?
Yes, far infrared compressive wrist splints are recommended by orthopedic specialists to their patients suffering with rheumatoid arthritis to help rehabilitate sore joints, decrease their arthritis pain, reduce swelling and prevent joint deformity for improved mobility and function.

  compression wrist braces can help to support your sore wrist for improved grip strength, reduced pain and morning joint stiffness to offer better quality of life. It's important to remember that many health issues can take years to develop so will take some time to heal, too.

This is why physiotherapists recommend the use of Thermomedic
compression wrist support for night-time hand and wrist positioning to help reduce wrist pain, improve grip and pinch strength, enhance upper limb function and functional status for patients living with rheumatoid arthritis.


Far infrared thermotherapy wrist brace for carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI


What Are The Benefits of Far Infrared Thermo-therapy?
Thermo-therapy is a safe, effective intervention without the risk often caused by prescription medications.

It’s a perfect choice for a first-line approach and it’s something patients can easily and affordably consider before resorting to more invasive procedures, such as surgery.

Important Information
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