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Back Support With Soothing Far Infrared Therapy For Fast Pain Relief

Back Support With Soothing Far Infrared Therapy For Fast Pain Relief

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Far Infrared Thermal Back Support With Magnetic Therapy

Thermomedic Adjustable Back Support is designed as an aid in the relief of lumbar back pain caused by muscle fatigue, injury or strains. It permits full range of movement while helping to provide therapeutic benefit, comfortable support and compression. An ideal choice for the workplace, recreation and resting at home.

Combines compression, support and warmth for the care, protection and non-medicated treatment of back pain, sports injuries, arthritis or RSI.

Provides gentle, natural and effective care to assist in the rehabilitation of low back pain, sciatica, spinal injury or soreness resulting from disease, accident or general aging. Offers soothing warmth and maximum ventilation for comfortable, continuous wear.

Benefits and Features:

  • Suitable for post-surgical wear

  • Works to aid circulation for enhanced natural healing

  • Durable and latex-free, so suitable for long term treatment

  • Helps ease general spinal pain and stiffness

  • May assist chronic back pain, as prescribed by your doctor.

  • Available in skin tone, so suitable for any occasion

  • Helps diminish the symptoms of sciatica

  • Gently warms to help relax stiff back muscles

  • Soothes back injury and muscle strain

  • Assists in the management and treatment of chronic back disorders

  • Slim design can be worn under your clothing

  • Available in five sizes and fully adjustable to ensure maximum comfort and optimum fit

  • Abdominal support inconspicuously lifts and trims abdomen to help recuperation after surgery

Having a healthy back and spine is essential for your enjoyment for good quality of life. Thermomedic Back Support is designed to provide gentle, soothing pain relief at an affordable price.

How To Wear:
Wrap Back Support around your waist or lower back area and secure with the velcro hook and loop. Stretch the elastic panels until the brace is at your desired level of support, then secure. Adjust support as needed to ensure a comfortable but snug position, making sure the support panel rests over the spine.

How To Take Care of Your Compression Back Support
It is important to take good care of your therapy garments.  Your compression wear is of a high quality which means they will last longer if you follow our laundering recommendations.

Do not machine wash, bleach, wring, iron or tumble dry. Hand wash in cool water with mild soap or organic washing powder to avoid skin irritation caused by harsh chemicals. Air dry in shade to preserve appearance.


Note: Thermomedic Back Supports are lead-free and do not contain latex which is known to cause allergic reaction, making these Back Supports suitable to wear following injury or medical treatment. If pain persists, consult your trusted medical professional. Contains magnets.






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