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Hip Support Thermal Undergarments- Uni-Sex Style

Hip Support Thermal Undergarments- Uni-Sex Style

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Uni-Sex Thermal Underwear... Gentle, Soothing Comfort To Help Ease Hip, Groin & Lower Back Pain!

Suffer sore, throbbing hip pain from arthritis, hip-replacement surgery or just general aging? How can I ease sore hips and warm stiff joints for improved mobility?

Thermomedic Hip Support under-garments offer gentlesoothing and effective care for hip pain, injury and strain. The stretch, non-rub fabric effectively retains natural warmth around sore hip joints without the risk of irritating delicate or fragile skin. Thermal therapy hip supports are designed to offer greater comfort with less restriction than many orthopaedic girdles. Easy to get on and off with zip closure for better fit.

Provides protection and mild to medium support for the groin, lower back and upper thigh and hip area. Useful in the care and treatment of strains, hip displacement and post-surgical rehabilitation. Helps to retain the position of surgical dressings.   

Sleek, contoured design offers optimal fit and prevents bunching for maximum comfort. Styled to wear neatly and discreetly under your clothing, means you can wear them day and night, making them the perfect choice for long-term treatment. Suitable for those who are bed-bound.

Soft, stretch fabric aids in the support, comfort and optimal fit to allow range of motion in the groin and hip area without discomfort or restriction. Thermal therapy gently warms the affected area to aid injury prevention, non-medicated treatment or recovery from hip and lumber region pain.

Short leg-style compression therapy pants help protect legs & buttocks from abrasions common from sliding in such sports, as softball, baseball and soccer.

Benefits and Features:

  • Comfortable mild to medium compression provides support for sore muscles and stiff joints
  • Heat therapy may help relieve everyday aches and pains to lessen muscle recovery time
  • Enhanced blood flow for improved oxygen levels assists with soft tissue repair
  • Anti-bacterial to help eliminate odor causing microbes
  • Stretch fabric for comfort and fit
  • Side zip for easy to get on and off
  • Assists to assist promote increased blood flow for soft tissue repair
  • Styled to eliminate visible panty-line through your regular clothing
  • Soothing warmth to help relieve hip joint pain
  • Non-pharmaceutical so will not interfere with other medications you may be taking
  • Compression may assist to maintain correct joint alignment
  • Ergonomic design allows full range of motion
  • Suitable for the rehabilitation of low back and hip joint pain in men and women


Size Chart For Compression Hip Supports

Size Waist Hips
Small: 75cm 29" 100cm 39"
Medium: 78cm 31" 105cm 41"
Large: 83cm 33" 110cm 43"
Extra-Large: 88cm 35" 115cm 45"
Extra-Extra Large: 93cm 37" 125cm 49"


Wear Instructions

Unzip garment so that the waist is fully open. Ensure garment faces the correct way. Slip over feet and legs up to your hips. Adjust hip support under-garment as needed to ensure a comfortable position. Close zip.

How To Take Care of Your Compression Hip Support
It is important to take good care of your therapy garments. Your compression wear is of a high quality which means they will last longer if you follow our laundering recommendations.

Do not bleach, wring, iron or tumble dry. We recommend hand wash in cool water with mild soap or organic washing powder to avoid skin irritation caused by harsh chemicals. Air dry in shade to preserve appearance.


Note: If pain persists, consult your trusted medical professional. Some individuals may be sensitive to neoprene-blend fibre.


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