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Far Infrared Therapy Socks For Diabetes, Neuropathy, Gout, Cold Feet

Socks With Far Infrared Thermal Therapy- Two For One Special Offer!

$32.99 $34.95

Far Infrared Therapy Socks- 2 For The Price of One! Special Offer!*

These thermal, cotton-blend socks have been designed to assist with health problems such as, diabetes, poor circulation and other foot-related health complaints. They are an ideal health sock for the safe and soothing care for sore, tired feet, swollen ankles or joint pain resulting from gout symptoms, injury, disease or general wear and tear.

Thermomedic diabetic socks are designed to aid in the control of perspiration and moisture to reduce the risk of fungal infection and provide gentle cushioning to help prevent foot ulcers. Good skin and foot care is essential since studies reveal that foot ulcers affect as many as 10% of people suffering with diabetes.

These soft-feel socks with high cotton content can help ease the discomfort associated with neuropathic pain, gout and diabetes. Thermomedic Therapy Socks may effectively help reduce the discomfort of foot odour and perspiration for improved foot hygiene.

Thermomedic therapy socks provide gentle warmth to help improve blood circulation, relieve edema and sooth your leg's tiredness or help ease diabetic foot problems.

Far Infrared therapy socks may offer comfortable 'preventative' therapy suitable for aching legs, long-distance travel, sensitive and delicate skin, as well as being ideal for those who wish to maintain healthy, odour-free feet.


  • Soothing, gentle warmth for improved foot comfort
  • Affordable, comfortable and medium-weight suitable for everyday wear
  • Helps relieve everyday aches and pains
  • Size according to your normal shoe size
  • Shoe size 6 to 11
  • Wide, non-binding top. Non-compression sock.
  • Breathable far infrared fibre for optimum skin health
  • Knee high

Care Instructions:
Warm machine wash. Do not tumble dry, dry clean or use bleach or fabric softeners.

Important Information
If pain persists, consult your trusted, health care professional.



"I feel that regular use of your socks has improved my feet since my physio recommended them several months ago. I am completely satisfied that Thermomedic's health care products have significantly improved the quality of my life. I now recommend Thermomedic Therapy Garments to all my friends."

 - Chris Allard. Perth, WA.


 * Second sock may be a different colour for this special offer! Limited Stock available, order now!




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