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Far Infrared Therapy Compression Socks For Diabetes, Neuropathy, Gout, Cold Feet

Ankle Support With Knee-High Compression Hosiery For Swollen Legs and Ankles

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Thermal Compression Knee-High Stockings

Thermomedic Compression Stockings are designed to provide comfortable support for tired, aching legs during work, exercise or your everyday activities.

Medium compression helps reduce your risk of varicose veins, spider veins and related symptoms.

Developed for the simple and effective management of muscle soreness and joint stiffness to aid faster recovery, the thermal properties can help reduce inflammation and enhance circulation. Compression hosiery may assist promote a stronger circulatory system by supporting weak veins.

Recommended by physiotherapists to help treat and protect against a wide range of venous problems, including edema, deep vein thrombosis and lymphedema, these compression socks are designed to provide maximum ankle and lower leg coverage for reduced swelling, tiredness and aching in your legs.

Thermomedic medical stockings offer generous toe and heel space to ensure non-restricting movement for superior comfort, especially when worn for extended periods of time.

Featuring an attractive woven design with diagonal detailing, Thermomedic compression stockings are suitable for business, air travel, casual or elegant occasion sock, the perfect choice for everyday wear!


  • Designed to provide moderate support 15-20 mmHg to assist in the management and treatment of chronic leg disorders
  • Suitable for post-surgical wear
  • Durable yarn with premium stretch offers support and soothing warmth to ease pain and edema.
  • Features non-slip, non-restrictive knit-in band for enhanced comfort
  • Moisture wicking, anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties
  • Seamless heel and smooth toe construction to help prevent rubbing and skin damage
  • Available in skin tone so you can wear them for any occasion
  • May assist chronic venous insufficiency related to acute leg swelling, varicosities, lymphoedema or in the treatment of lower leg injury, as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Available in closed-toe style. Regular length
  • Runners and athletes may use compression socks to increase blood flow during exercise
  • Your health insurance may offer coverage for compression stockings

Having healthy legs and feet are essential for your enjoyment for good quality of life. Thermomedic Support Socks aid in the relief and care of leg pain, edema or tired and aching legs at an affordable price.

Wear Instructions

Insert your hand and hold the knee high stocking at top of heel pocket. While still holding heel pocket, turn top of knee high stocking down towards the toe area.

Stretch open the knee high stocking, slide your foot in and pull firmly over heel, ankle and calf until your toe and heel are correctly positioned. Adjust tops so they sit comfortably below the bend of your knee. 

Using both hands, smooth stockings around your leg and ankle and adjust the toes to ensure freedom of movement. Once your heel is comfortably positioned, repeat the above steps with your other stocking.

It can be easier to put your stockings on in the morning when swelling is minimal. Kindly note, you may require assistance to apply compression hosiery if you suffer with weakness in your fingers.

How To Take Care of Your Compression Knee-Hi Stockings
It is important to take good care of your medical stockings.  Your compression legwear is of a high quality which means they will last longer if you follow our laundering recommendations.

Do not machine wash, bleach, wring, iron or tumble dry. Hand wash in cool water with mild soap or organic washing powder to avoid skin irritation caused by harsh chemicals. Line dry in shade to preserve appearance.

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