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Far Infrared Therapy Socks For Diabetes, Neuropathy, Gout, Cold Feet

Socks- Far Infrared Therapy Socks

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Far Infrared Therapy Socks For Tired, Swollen Feet & Ankles.

Far Infrared therapy socks have been designed to aid people who suffer with health problems, such as diabetes, poor circulation, Raynaud's or other foot-related health issues. They are the ideal health sock for the safe and soothing care for sore, tired feet, swollen ankles or joint pain resulting from gout symptoms, injury, disease or general wear and tear.

These premium quality socks can help ease the discomfort associated with neuropathic pain, gout and diabetes. They are a gentle, warming arthritis and gout  health sock. Thermomedic Therapy Socks can effectively help reduce the discomfort of foot odour and perspiration for improved foot hygiene.

Thermomedic therapy socks provide soothing warmth to improve blood circulation, relieve edema and soothe your leg's tiredness and ease diabetic foot problems.

Far Infrared therapy socks may offer comfortable 'preventative' therapy suitable for aching legs, long-distance travel, sensitive and delicate skin, as well as being ideal for those who wish to maintain healthy, odour-free feet.


  • Soothing, gentle warmth for improved foot comfort
  • Affordable, comfortable and medium-weight suitable for everyday wear
  • Helps relieve everyday aches and pains
  • Size according to your normal shoe size

Garment Care:
Warm machine wash. Do not spin dry or iron. Do not bleach or dry clean.

Important Information:
If pain persists, please consult your doctor.



"Before using Thermomedic  therapy socks I had suffered from chronic neuropathy pain for 3 years. I've tried various different medications with no success, in fact I've suffered quite serious side effects from some of them. My FIR socks have really helped ease the burning and tingling in my feet. Thanks again.

- Roger Davey. Birmingham. UK.





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