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Palm Supports- Skin Tone

Palm Supports- Skin Tone

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Far Infrared Palm Supports- Skin Tone

Palm Supports offer medium to firm compression support for more serious wrist and hand injuries, including tendinitis, RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Breathable, bio-ceramic fibres encourage the wicking of moisture to help prevent perspiration, which means your skin remains well oxygenated and comfortable for long periods.

Free from fussy straps, the far infrared therapy Palm Support is specially designed for comfortable continuous wear, providing non-rigid bracing and soothing warmth for enhanced circulation to assist your body’s natural healing process. The medium to firm compression makes this Palm Support the ideal choice to help counteract tissue swelling and provide temporary relief from the pain or soreness associated with sports injuries, arthritis and Repetitive Strain Syndrome, yet permits full dexterity of your fingers and thumb while allowing wrist flexion for work and everyday tasks.



  • Helps to promote increased blood flow for enhanced recovery
  • Provides support and warmth for your wrist during sport or work to reduce the risk of re-injury
  • Offers light, yet firm compression to reduce tissue swelling
  • Assists to maintain correct hand and wrist position without the discomfort caused by rigid bracing
  • Provides soothing warmth for improved pain relief for weak and injured wrists
  • Non-medicated and latex-free, making the palm support suitable for long-term treatment
  • Affordable, long-wearing and easy to wash and wear
  • Ergonomically-shaped hand design allows full dexterity of your fingers and thumb, yet supports wrist flexion
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Seamless construction to prevent rubbing for delicate skin
  • Ambidextrous, making them suitable for either your right or left hand


Position the Palm Support so that the side opening sits comfortably over your thumb with your fingers placed through the main opening. The thumb and index finger each slide into their own finger holes. The hand section of the palm support should be placed in the mid-lower part of your hand. Gently smooth the palm support so that it sits straight over your hand and wrist. Re-adjust as required to ensure comfort.

Note: Thermomedic Palm Supports are lead-free and do not contain latex which is known to cause allergic reaction, making these palm supports safe to wear following injury or medical treatment. If pain persists, consult your trusted medical professional.





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