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Wrist Supports With Far Infrared Thermal Therapy Treatment

Wrist Supports With Far Infrared Thermal Therapy Treatment

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Far Infrared Wrist Support For Fast Pain Relief
Designed without seams, Thermomedic's compression Wrist Support comfortably contours to the shape of your wrist.

The non-rub, 4-way stretch construction provides medium, even compression to help reduce swelling and provide flexible bracing for injured muscles and sore joints without the risk of irritating delicate or fragile skin.

Thermomedic Wrist Supports assist insulate your wrist area to maintain comfort while wicking moisture away so that your skin is able to breathe which aids in the prevention of perspiration or unpleasant odour.

Providing improved joint stability for weakened or injured wrists, these wrist supports are latex-free and extremely comfortable to wear, day or night, making them suitable for long-term treatment. The far infrared wrist support effectively retains the position of medical dressings following post-operative surgery.

  • Provides protection, support and soothing warmth to aid in the rehabilitation of wrist injuries and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • May enhance blood flow for temporary pain relief from tendonitis, RSI and arthritic conditions in your wrist
  • Designed for improved wrist joint stability
  • Non-rigid bracing
  • Does not contain latex to avoid the risk of allergic reaction
  • No fiddly or annoying straps to struggle with
  • Provides medium-level compression support for sore or aching wrists
  • Slim design suitable for work, sport or everyday wear

Open the top of the wrist support, hold with hand and slip the end of the support over your other hand and pull evenly up your wrist. Position the wrist support so that it rests comfortably over your wrist area. Smooth around your wrist to ensure maximum comfort.

Important Information
If pain persists, please consult your doctor. 

Do not use directly on broken skin or on open, bleeding wounds. If required, use medical dressings under compression wear.

Gentle hand wash in cold water and mild soap. Dry in shade to preserve appearance. Do not spin dry or iron. Do not bleach.







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